Doctor Markem was a criminal and associate of Killer Kent.

Dr Markem was a brilliant scientist and one of the FBI's most wanted. He was hired by the Kents, a notorious husband and wife bank robbing team, to ensure their son would grow up to be the greatest criminal ever. Markem developed and successfully implanted the Chromo-Stimulant into two year old Clark Kent, but the Kents were killed in a police chase before they could make the final payment of $25,000. Markem abandoned Clark at the Smallville Orphanage, planning to track him down after the Chromo-Stimulant took effect and collect the remaining money his parents owed. However, Clark's first crime resulted in him being knocked out and comatose for ten years. Markem eventually successfuly tracked Clark down and revived him, but died immediately after of a heart attack.




  • Chromo-Stimulant: A tiny brain implant made using chromosones extracted from Jonathan and Martha Kent, as well as other notorious criminals. Once implanted in a small child's brain it would activate in the subject's teens, transforming them into the greatest criminal alive.


  • Teleporter



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