Quote1 Their leader, yes, and soon I will be ruler of all this America. While the Great One rules over Europe, I shall be dictator in this land! Quote2
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Doctor Mood was a traitor stopped by Bulletman.

Dr. Mood was a renegade U.S. Intelligence Service officer, serving a hostile foreign power, who kidnapped and murdered an important American admiral, in an attempt to gain some secret defense plans. When Bulletman belatedly arrived to rescue the admiral, Mood pretended to have been abducted also.

That night, Dr. Mood returned to his secret base, inside a cave, where a secret army of tanks and infantry had been assembled. At Dr. Mood's order, this force sallied forth to attack New York City, marching through the outer boroughs and onto Manhattan, wreaking destruction and inflicting civilian casualties the whole way. Bulletman and Bulletgirl arrived and carved a swath of mayhem thru the armored tanks and their crews. Dr. Mood watched this with binoculars until it was obvious that his troops would not win, then ordered them to retreat at full speed, but very few of them got away.

By dint of some remarkable luck, Dr. Mood was able capture Bulletgirl amid the rout, and suspended her over a fire pit from a derrick. Bulletman arrived and smacked his way through the last of Mood's troops, along with rescuing Bulletgirl. Finally cornered, Mood frantically offered to squeal on himself and everybody else, while he stealthily palmed a dagger, but he was nowhere near quick enough to stab Bulletman, who punched him out and left him for the police.


  • Dr. Mood was in command of a small army of mechanized infantry and armor.

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