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Quote1 The United States military came at you full force, guns blazing. They lost two choppers, three humvees, and a tank. While you lost an afternoon. And got out of there without killing anybody. That's something special. Quote2
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Doctor Rodriguez is a member of Rick Flag's Suicide Squad.

Doctor Rodriguez was a medic working for Amanda Waller and advised her on medical matters regarding the team's condition.

She was responsible for locating Swamp Thing on Waller's orders[1] and was responsible for monitoring Match's condition during his missions on the field.[2]

She often expressed doubts abouts Waller's extreme methods but recluctantly kept working for her despite her misgivings.[3]

She discovered that Talon wasn't as crazy as he pretended to be but kept his secret as it worked against Waller and later revived Culebra after her death.[4]

When Waller started her plan to take over Earth 3 Rodriguez revealed her true allegiance by helping Rick Flag gain access to the structure that the Suicide Squad was using as a base and deactivated the bombs inside the Squad's heads.[5] Despite being wounded in the attempt she still managed to do her duty and later injected herself with a serum that turned her in a metahuman with sand-based powers. She came to Flags' Squad rescue after they were attacked by the Clayface of Earth 23 and quickly defeated him by turning him into stone.[6]

She later helped her team when they followed Amanda Waller to Earth 3 where she faced against the mighty Ultraman but was defeated when the Kryptonian used his heat vision to turn her into glass, but not before telling her teammates to use her glass body to get away with the help of Mirror Master.

She was then taken prisoner by Waller who expressed ammiration to her for her betrayal and told her that she would execute if not for the fact that she had no idea how, she was then rescued by her teammates.[7]

After their defeat on Earth 3 she helped attacked a military base under Flag's orders but was discovered and forced to fight against the local garrison.[8]

She later helped the rest of her team in their attempts to kidnap Lex Luthor but like all other her attempt on him failed and was vacuumed by one of his guards after attacking him in his gold course.

When Culebra managed to temporarily possess him she then faced against the genius after he got loose and managed to don his Warsuit before being ultimately defeated when Ambush Bug showed up with an army of Bizarros.

Impressed with their perfomance Luthor agreed to hire them and she later celebrated the success of the mission by having a toast with the rest of her team.[9]


  • Metamorphosis: Rodriguez obtained powers similars to those of Clayface after injecting herself with a serum. Her body is now composed of sand that she can reshape for a variety of purposes.[6]
    • Elasticity: Rodriguez can now stretch herself at will.
    • Superhuman Strength: Rodriguez strength has been enhanced to superhuman levels, she can hold Ultraman in her grip[7] and crush a chopper with her bare hands.[8]
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to her sand-like body most weapons and attacks no longer affect Doctor Rodriguez. She can easily shrug off most weapon fire including heavy artillery.[8]
    • Regeneration: Rodriguez can recover from almost any injury. She survived being turned into glass by Ultraman and even Amanda Waller stated that she has no idea on how to kill her.[7]
    • Size Alteration: Doctor Rodriguez can increase her size at will.[7]
    • Mind Control: She can also affect other beings with similar powers as she once put Clayface to sleep by turning him into stone and then took control of him.[6]


  • Medical Science: Doctor Rodriguez was Amanda Waller's medical expert for her Suicide Squad.
  • Deception: Doctor Rodriguez managed to trick Amanda Waller by pretending to work with her for years while in reality gathering informations for Rick Flag.[5]


  • Vulnerability to Extreme Heat: Due to being made of sand Rodriguez has a vulnerability extreme temperatures who can temporarily turn her into glass, stripping her of mobility.[7]
  • Inexperience: Despite her great powers Doctor Rodriguez has been a metahuman for a very little time and still doesn't have much field experience.[9]
  • Restricted Senses: Doctor Rodriguez require eyeglasses to correct her eyesight problems.[1]



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