Doctor Rovin was a resident surgeon operating out of Saint Luke's Hospital in San Francisco, California.

Some years ago, Rovin developed a close relationship with a band of young super-heroes known as the Teen Titans. A mercenary named Deathstroke had crippled the young speedster known as Impulse. The Titans brought Impulse to Saint Luke's where Dr. Rovin performed emergency surgery upon him. He replaced his damaged kneecap with a plastic prosthetic and was amazed at Impulse's accelerated recuperative abilties. After helping aid the speedster to literally get back on his feet, Rovin maintained a steady contact with the grateful Titans.

Shortly after that incident, Rovin discovered that an entire ward of the intensive care wing had fallen under a mysterious thrall. The dark soul of the Titan known as Raven had been manipulated by a demonic entity named Brother Blood. Raven's soul began speaking through patients at the hospital wing, taking possession of them for brief periods of time. The Titans eventually recovered Raven's soul and defeated Brother Blood, but team-leader, Cyborg insisted that they should all begin receiving physicals at St. Luke's.

Almost immediately after this strange encounter, Dr. Rovin became witness to another bizarre spectacle. He discovered that the Titan known as Beast Boy, was suddenly cured of all of the side effects wrought by a rare disease known as Sakutia. Dr. Rovin examined him at length and referred him to a disease specialist named Dr. Samuel Register.



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