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Dogwelder was a member of Section Eight.

While the team was on hiatus, Dogwelder spent his time trapping and killing dogs in alleyways. When the team reformed, he helped fight the Mawzir's henchmen.[1][2][3] Dogwelder was vaporized and killed when Section Eight fought The Many Angled Ones.[4]



  • Obsession: Has a strong compulsion to weld dogs to people's faces.
  • Mute: He cannot speak through conventional means.


  • Welding Equipment


  • Dogs: Dogwelder welds dogs to people.

  • Dogwelder never speaks and he never shows his face.
  • In Prime Earth, Dogwelder's successor (Dogwelder II) travels to the Pyramids of Egypt and is subsequently transported to the Dogwelder afterlife. Here it is implied in that there have been many others in the past, all inflicted with the same curse by Anubis.
  • He is often cited as being "possibly psychotic or schizophrenic", with no evidence to confirm either claim; as such, it is most likely a colloquial misunderstanding caused by stigmatization, since people with psychoses or schizo-spectrum conditions are almost exclusively represented by unrealistically dangerous, psychopathic, or erratic characters in media.