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"Justice League of America: Year One": This story is reprinted from JLA: Year One #1.

Dollar Comics: JLA: Year One #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of May, 2020. It was published on March 4, 2020.

Synopsis for "Justice League of America: Year One"

This story is reprinted from JLA: Year One #1.

Somewhere in a dark room a man watches television on several monitors about some new superheroes that have popped up on the scene recently: The Flash—in real life named Barry Allen, an oftentimes bored criminal scientist; the Green Lantern, secretly overconfident test pilot Hal Jordan; Black Canary aka as Dinah Lance who not only took over the superhero identity of her mother, but also her flower shop; the alien Martian Manhunter who disguises himself as the quiet police detective John Jones; and finally Aquaman, the king of Atlantis.

All five of them recently worked together against mysterious beings which may be part of an alien invasion. Despite having different feelings about their teamwork, the five heroes meet again on request of the US Army to hand over two of the alien creatures which the heroes were able to capture. The aliens are hidden in a secret cave, but as the heroes enter the cave they find dozens of masked men in uniforms who apparently try to kidnap the two massive alien beings. As the two creatures suddenly awake, a furious battle between the three factions begins. The outcome for the heroes is not very successful as they are not used to acting as a team and do not know each others powers and skills very well. In the end, the masked men escape with one of the alien creatures via teleportation which leaves only one alien to the US Army.

As the five heroes talk about their team effort, they are being monitored by the leaders of the "Locus" organization. They intend to keep a close eye on the young band of super heroes...

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