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Dominic Lanse was given powers by the Thinker.

Dominic Lanse was a Central City resident that was given superpowers after the Thinker caused the Flash to leave the Speed Force and expose a bus of people to dark matter. Lanse was gifted with the power to read minds, an important piece of the Thinker's plan, and was captured by Amunet Black. After Black accidentally sent a spike into Lanse's neck and needed Dr. Caitlin Snow to operate on him, she sold Lanse to DeVoe who then used a device to switch bodies with Lanse and steal his identity.


  • Dominic Lanse's consciousness was killed by Clifford DeVoe when the two switched bodies in "Don't Run". For a while, DeVoe pretended to be Lanse by using his body. Lanse's body would finally be killed when the Thinker once again switched consciousnesses into Rebecca Sharpe in "True Colors".
  • Dominic Lanse/Brainstorm is portrayed by Kendrick Sampson.