Quote1 I am Dominic Mndawe. And that is my gift. My helm and elixir allow me to aggregate life, to create chimeras. Quote2
-- Dominic Mndawe src

Using an elixir and a helmet, Dominic Mndawe becomes a champion of The Red. Protecting his homeland from threats against life, Dominic has engaged the Sportsman's Ambition and began hunting them down. The illegal hunt club had synthesized the process that gives Dominic his powers but without the helm they are unable to complete the process and thus they create scared, harmful and confused beasts. Dominic began to stop their advance in his home and was forced to follow them to Rochester, New York, in order to take back his formula. Assisted by Midnighter, Dominic was able to free the captured animals, retrieve his formula and leave the organization's leader to fate which resulted in the half man/half fly being eaten by a bat. Once successful, Dominic headed home with the animals and left Midnighter to his business.






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