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Quote1.png Solitude isn't in the cards for a man like me. Quote2.png
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Dominick "Dom" Torrez, also known as the Prisoner-of-War, is a former soldier of the United States Army and a current member of The Others.

Five years ago he was a soldier stationed in the middle east who witnessed his entire platoon die in his hands. Taking their dog tags as a symbol of solidarity he left the army and eventually joined Arthur Curry and Others and was given the Manacles of Force. After adventuring with Aquaman he joined in the struggles of the Apokolips War where he took on more dog tags. Now he resides in the new land-based Atlantis that Aquaman was trying to establish. He and the Others protect this new city from the constant attacks from the oceans lead by Mera.


  • Military Protocol: Dominick Torrez is a retired soldier however he has not stopped using his military know-how since leaving the army. He is an effective soldier for the Others and together with the ghosts of his dog tags he functions as a military unit rather than one soldier.


  • Manacles of Force: Dominick Torrez was given the Manacles of Force by Aquaman when he joined the Others. By banging the manacles together he can create a powerful concussive force which blows back all the opponents around him.

  • Dominick Torrez is also simply known as Dom Torrez.