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Don Coyote was a fearless knight errant (actually, an excuse for a knight), living humorous adventures in the Middle Ages, aided by two servants, the orphan Hash and the strongman Hamburger.

In the Dark Ages, Don Coyote, formerly known as Sir Loin of Beef, had a career of droll adventures, and towards the end of it, he became friends with a 20th century time traveler who intended to use the science of the 1940s to rule and change the history of the Middle Ages.[1] Don Coyote's whereabouts since that episode are unknown and unchronicled, as if he had simply dropped out of the timeline.



  • Bad Luck


  • Knight's Armor


  • Sea Biscuit (horse)


  • Sword

  • In his early appearances, Don Coyote was named Sir Loin of Beef. His yeoman Hamburger was in those episodes named "Cowhide."
  • While his era was originally vague (only referred to as the Middle Ages), Don Coyote's last adventures were identified as taking place in the 16th Century, being contemporary with William Shakespeare[3].
  • In his early appearances, Don Coyote appeared to be an elderly man, and his hair was white. Once he was even called "grandpop" by a tavern bully.[4] Beginning with New Adventure Comics #29, he looks at least 10 years younger and his hair is blond. Three conjectures are possible: 1) Don Coyote's adventures between New Comics Vol 1 1 and New Adventure Comics Vol 1 27 take place after he meets the 20th Century Playboy. 2) Don Coyote, behind the scenes, obtained some unspecified way of rejuvenating 3) Don Coyote simply dyed his hair, which would be unusual in the Middle Ages.