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Quote1 I wish I had the power to get us out of here right now and go save dad! Quote2
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Don Hall was the first Dove, an agent of Peace and half of Hawk and Dove.

Donald Hall was the second son of renowned Judge, Irwin Hall, and had an older brother named Hank. Hank and Don discovered a plot in which a criminal named Dargo planned to murder their father, to remove any chance of serving time in prison. They tracked Dargo to his hideout but got locked in a room, where the boys started arguing until Don shouted "I wish I had the power to get us out of here right now and go save dad!". At that moment a flash of light appeared and the voices of Peace and War said that if they wish for power, all they need to say were the magic words to transform themselves into the Avatars of War and Peace. Don became Dove; an Avatar of Peace, and Hank became Hawk; an Avatar of War.[1]

Time as Dove

Don began a crime fighting career with his brother, and began dating a girl named Dawn Granger. One day when visiting an art gallery with Dawn it came under attack by terrorists. Don was shot by the terrorists so Peace allowed Dawn access to the power and influence that peace provides. She received the power of peace and defeated the attackers becoming a new Dove.[2]

Don and Hank later went on to be founding members of the original Teen Titans. During their time with the Teen Titans, Don was killed by a villain named Mister Twister. However, the events of his death were erased from memory, along with the rest of the Titans' history,[3] and his brother came to believe that he had died in a global crisis.[1] Hawk eventually forgot his brother altogether[4] before his true memories were restored, driving him to seek revenge against his killer.[3]

Death Metal

Don was later resurrected by Batman to join in the fight against the Batman Who Laughs and his new Dark Multiverse.[5] At one point in his career as Dove, he and his brother were employed by the superhero-for-hire service Heroz4U.[6]




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