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Donald "Dan" Richards was the first Manhunter, ever quibbling about the name with the other Manhunter.

Dan Richards attended the police academy with his girlfriend's brother, Jim, who was at the top of the class, while Dan was at the very bottom. After Jim was framed for a crime he didn't commit, Dan took up the identity of Manhunter to track down the actual killer. He caught the perpetrator and cleared Jim's name. Afterwards, however, he continued to operate as Manhunter, which caused some confusion when he joined the All-Star Squadron, which had another member also named Manhunter.

Richards' sidekick was a dog named Thor, who decades later turned out to be an android sleeper agent of the Manhunters (much to the horror of Richards, who had seemingly not had the dog checked out by a vet at any time in the last 47 years, or wondered why it never got any older). Richards had a heart attack when he was attacked by Thor, but survived. Dan's granddaughter, Marcie Cooper, became the third Harlequin after he convinced her to join the Manhunters.


Dan Richards was later killed by Mark Shaw, who had fallen back into his Dumas persona.

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