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The Last Resort was a mercenary enemy of Flash.

Ne'er-do-well Donnie Trollbridge stole an experimental invisibility vest from the government. He used it to become a mercenary, ruthless and brutal, equally at home as a spy or a thug. He also lived up to his name: the Last Resort for the desperate.

The Last Resort ran afoul of the third Flash when he was hired to locate files on illegal activities by the former head of the Froz-o-Food corporation. Believing the files were in the possession of the man's daughter, Leonora MacDonald, he began casing the estate. MacDonald, frightened by the intrusion, called her friend Mason Trollbridge — Donnie's estranged father — and his friend Wally West for help. During the mercenary's next foray into the mansion, the Flash managed to pull his mask off, and Mason recognized the Last Resort as his son.

The Flash's allies tracked down the files. On his next attack, they herded the Last Resort toward the basement, where Mason was waiting for him. The job done, father and son reconciled.

The Last Resort had not been seen since.



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