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Donna Smoak is the mother of Felicity Smoak.

When Felicity was young, Donna's husband left them both, leaving Donna to work 60 hours a week as a cocktail waitress to support their daughter.

Several years later, Donna showed up at Felicity's doorstep, having won a round-trip ticket to Starling City. However, it was all just a ploy created by Cooper Seldon, an ex-boyfriend of Felicity's who planned to use Donna as a bargaining chip to get Felicity to hack into a truck carrying money to the Starling City National Bank, that was otherwise unattainable. However, the plan failed, thanks in part to a smart-watch given to Donna by Ray Palmer, which notified Felicity that a wi-fi signal was available, allowing her to alert The Arrow of her situation.

Before Donna leaves Starling, Felicity makes peace with her mother, saying that the one thing she shares in common with her mother is her toughness.

  • Donna Smoak is played by Charlotte Ross.
  • Donna is terrible with technology. She is unable to send a text, and does not know how to operate the smartwatch Ray Palmer gives her.