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Donna Troy or Wonder Girl was a member of the Teen Titans.

Similarly to her main counterpart, Troy joined the Teen Titans and as such, regularly participated in various missions to defeat villains that could threaten the world.

On one such mission, she was seen using her lasso on a soldier.

Later at Teen Titans HQ, Wonder Girl was shocked when both Wally West and Dick Grayson, the two founding members of the Teen Titans announced that they were retiring from their superhero duties to purse lives as civilians. As she embraced Wally, Wonder Girl stated that she was going to miss him and that she had known Wally longer than anyone else. Wally assured her that they'd still each other before asking if he was invited to her wedding with Wonder Girl stating that he was.

Some time later, Wonder Girl was seen in the Titans photo lab, presumably developing photographs before she was caught off by guard by an explosion.

She was later buried in rocks that eventually formed into a meteorite before being jettisoned into space with the exposure presumably killing her instantly.



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