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Donna Troy succeeded her mentor as the Wonder Woman of Earth-15.

This Donna met her New Earth counterpart when Donna of the so-called New Earth (along with Kyle Rayner, Jason Todd, the Jokester and Bob the Monitor) came to Earth-15 in search of a missing super-hero named Ray Palmer. The Earth-15 Wonder Woman and her Earth-15 allies, (Superman, Batman, the Atom and Green Lantern) were unable to assist the adventurers in this matter. Before these self-proclaimed "Challengers from Beyond" left Earth-15, Wonder Woman had a conversation with Donna Troy, in which she relayed to her New Earth counterpart the tale of the Greek goddess of wisdom Athena. Using the story as a metaphor, Wonder Woman advised Donna that she should not try to mold her life around the expectations of others.

Donna was killed by Superman-Prime after he destroyed the Atlantis of Earth-15 with his heat vision. She and Batman (of Earth-15) attacked Superman-Prime who retaliated. Sensing she was the more powerful of the two and possibly able to hurt him, Superman-Prime attacked her first. He damaged her Invisible Jet, then smashed her skull against it, destroying it and killing her. Disinterested with Donna's death, Superman-Prime casually discarded her lifeless body and went on to kill the Batman of Earth-15 before destroying the entire planet.

The source dimension continues to exist as well as other inhabited planets of the Earth-15 dimension.


Donna had compariable powers of the observed Amazons of other dimensions such as superhuman strength, ability and speed, though the exact specific levels were not known.


Comparable to most of the observed Amazons of other dimensions though the exact specific levels and limits were not known


Comparible to most of the observed Amazons of other dimensions though the exact specific levels and limits were not known


  • Donna possesses a variation of the Lasso of Truth which seems comparible to those of the other dimensional Wonder Women though the exact specifications of this one was unspecified.
  • Donna also wears defensive arm gaunlets that completely cover her forearms for defense against projectile weaponry.


Invisible robot jet.


Helmeted Tiara that has offensive capability similar to a boomerang.

  • This Donna wears an armored costume that is similar to the Earth-Two Wonder Woman with a skirt and eagle breastplate.



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