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Quote1 I have lived for a thousand years. I've waged war from Babylon to Olympus Mons and beyond. The sands of time whisper my title--the Superwoman. Nothing--no man nor beast--has ever stood in my way. I am Donna Troy. And I am without equal. Quote2
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Princess Donna Troy of Demon's Island is the Superwoman, ambassador for Warrior Women in Man's World.


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Donna Troy in training

In 1945, Donna Troy is training on Demon's Island with the rest of the Warrior Women. As Queen Hippolyta's daughter, Donna was given the toughest training, pushing her to her potential, embracing her people's code of being fearless, relentless, and merciless. In the process of her training, Donna found a downed airplane pilot Steve Trevor and instantly fell in love with him. Trevor had came to Demon's Island to seek their warriors for help in the Second World War against the other side's superhuman soldiers.

The Warrior Women and Donna declined to offer aid to Trevor, which forced him to betray Donna's trust by taking her hostage before Queen Hippolyta. He threatens to take her life unless Queen Hippolyta gives some of her soldiers to him to fight in the war. But to Trevor's surprise, Queen Hippolyta only tells him to kill Donna. She then tells her daughter that she expects more of her being stronger than, and not "soft", like her sister Diana, and that she must save herself. Donna effortlessly breaks out of Trevor's grip and impales his sword into his chest.

Queen Hippolyta regard this as Donna's final lesson: for learning that emotions and words are weapons and tools. As Trevor had manipulated Donna's emotions that had brought her guard down. After Donna finally kills Trevor by breaking his neck, Queen Hippolyta tells her daughter that she is ready to face Man's World that is soon to be in an age of demigods.

Donna would eventually infiltrate, rise to a position of power, find other super-powered beings, and forge them into "her" weapons. Thus she swears that she will one day return to Demon's Island with an army and kill her mother and take the throne, making Queen Hippolyta finally proud of her.[1]

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  • Divine Empowerment: Donna Troy is an Amazon from Earth 3 and is therefore endowed with superhuman abilities but unlike normal Amazons her powers appear to be greater than normal.
    • Superhuman Strength: Donna Troy possesses incredible physical strength and can easily overpower most beings, she was shown to be able to make Match bleed with her blows[2] and even hurt Ultraman although she found herself quickly outmatched.[3]
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Durability: Donna Troy can withstand with no damage to herself amounts of punishment that could easily kill an ordinary person, she has survived crashing through building with almost no damage and even a beating from an enraged Ultraman, although in this case she sustained heavy injuries.[4]
    • Superhuman Speed[5]
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Superwoman has ligthing fast reflexes as she was able to punch Ambush Bug even while the latter was costantly teleporting around the room.[6]
    • Flight[7]




  • Sword and Shield[1]

  • Donna Troy/Superwoman did not exist in the Post-Flashpoint continuity until the Hands rebooted the Multiverse, totally altering the history of Earth 3.



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