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Donovan Flint was the leader of the Star Hunters.

Donovan Flint was a man of action with an anti-authoritarian streak, chosen by the Corporation which ran Earth to be one of a crew of six Star Hunters sent out into the universe to discover the homeworld of the Somaii, the aliens apparently responsible for the creation of humanity. In order to ensure their cooperation, the Corporation altered the genetic structures of Flint and the others so that if they set foot on Earth again without the Corporation's intervention, their genes would begin to mutate and they would die.

Soon after the Star Hunters began their mission, Flint was killed in an explosion, but was resurrected by the Entity, one of the Somaii, which informed him that he and his comrades were being used; there was an endless war going on between light and darkness for control of the multiverse, and the Corporation were on the side of evil, and intended to destroy the Somaii. Flint had been chosen by the Somaii to be their champion.

Flint led the Star Hunters back to Earth, but they came under attack and Flint, enraged by the death of one of his comrades, was distracted and his ship shot down. He found himself crash landing on Earth, and desperately seeking a way off planet before his body began to turn against him.

It has never been definitively stated which universe the Star Hunters existed in, and their continued existence following the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths is uncertain. Their existence in the pre-Crisis DC multiverse is confirmed by Flint's being shown images of established DCU characters including Claw the Unconquered and Starfire when the Entity shows him the multiverse.