"Damaged": Robotman, now human although fictional, leaves a gas station bathroom and returns to Casey Brinke and Danny the Ambulance, both of whom are also fictional. Casey and Cliff talk about D

Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1 is an issue of the series Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 3, 2019.

Appearing in "Damaged"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gerb, the Messiah (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Dr. Legs (Mentioned only)
  • Orban Race
    • Mayor Sylark of Orbius (Single appearance)
    • Judd'la (Mentioned only)
    • Corban the Orb God
    • Justin



  • Robotman's ID Card
  • Orban Treadmill


  • Danny the Ambulance
  • Skateboards

Synopsis for "Damaged"

Robotman, now human although fictional, leaves a gas station bathroom and returns to Casey Brinke and Danny the Ambulance, both of whom are also fictional. Casey and Cliff talk about Danny's quietness, whether they have souls and soon Cliff is dropped off in front of the a nursing home.

Negative Man lies asleep, dreaming the life of a soldier as he rests in Dannyland - inside Danny the Ambulance - while his negative spirit roams around. Later in Valleyville, he and Casey travel to an Animal Shelter where he spots a small dog which is a positive energy battery called Hank.

In New Jersey, Jane, real, lies in therapy confronting the fear that she would run from danger next time, her therapist suggests that she needs to find her own peace. Soon, Jane and Casey are stuck in traffic, Jane asks whether Danny can hear her and the radio starts to play, he asks them if they are ready and the ambulance takes flight, soaring into the clouds.

Rita Farr is real and stretches herself in the gym with Flex Mentallo, who is not real, but soon her form gives way and she collapses into an amorphous shape. Flex comforts Rita and lifts the heaviest weight that he has ever lifted; memories flood his mind and he recalls a place, Destiny Beach, where he and Rita must go next.

Lotion the Man-Cat is skateboarding with Lucius Reynolds through his grandma's Daemonscape when the call from Casey and soon the whole team is gathered inside Danny the Ambulance. They travel through space and soon arrive at a world called Orbius, on the cusp of a grand event - the Marathon Eternal on the Treadmill Infinite.

Casey's driving brought the team to the planet just before everything starts so they speak to the mayor Sylark, he reveals that the Orban race strive to attain the Supreme Shape to be as gods. They pass the sacred texts to Flex, who has never seen fitness guides like this before, but they are interrupted by other locals - Justin, an Orban in its true spherical shape, is rolled toward the mayor as he was caught trying to disconnect the treadmill in protest of the exercise-focused mantras.

As Justin is wheeled away an official walks onto the field, he is preceded by an announcement that he is the harbinger of their god, the messiah, Gerb. Though Flex tries to suggest a dietary change, the marathon begins with the sound of a gunshot. The Doom Patrol disagree with Gerb's enforced beautification and Gerb sends his guards to attack but Lucius discovers something in-between the planet and the plane on the other side - a blue hand emerges and Lucius pulls until the barrier between planes tears open and an enormous blue sphere comes through, Corban the true god of Orban.

Back on Earth, Robotman makes his way into the Breezy Day nursing home to see Judith Steele, his mother. The room is dark and still, Clifford walks into the room and fins his mother staring out the window, she tells him with disgust that his father died of a heart attack and that Cliff is too late. She tells him to leave, to go back to his "heroics" and to stay away from her.

With Corban freed, he explains how Gerb trapped him and used the treadmill to create power to advertise his galactic business and that Jud'la is only his mascot. The Orbans imprison Gerb and the mayor thanks the group, asking who their race's saviours are.

Standing together, the group introduces themselves as the Doom Patrol.

Unbeknownst to the group, back on Earth Cliff races along cliff-side roads, driving erratically and thinking about his insecurities - now that he is human, what is he worth? Sick of it all, and with his mother's words echoing in his head, he turns the car away from the cliff-side, through the barrier and his car tumbles down the mountainside.


  • This issue carries the sub-title of "Issue Thirteen: Damaged", it is a continuation of Doom Patrol Vol 6 12.


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