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Quote1.png Am I the only one who is tired of letting the world label us? Misfit, eccentric, good, evil, weapon. It's time we choose to label ourselves. Who are we? What are we? Why are we? Maybe we are weapons, but a weapon is only a tool as dangerous as the hand that wields it. What if we choose to become weapons for good? [...] We're not perfect, but we're trying to be good... which is more than most. Quote2.png
Rita Farrsrc

The Doom Patrol is a team of powerful beings disfigured and traumatized by horrible events that gave them their strange and unique powers, facing off against the strangest threats the universe has to offer. They also act as a family and support group for each other, helping one another deal through their own specific traumas.


First Generation

Niles Caulder, a mad scientist, recruited Steve Dayton, a man with mental powers, Rhea Jones, a woman with metal-bending abilities, and Arani Desai, a woman with fire abilities who fell in love with Niles. To stop the Brotherhood of Evil, a group of super villains, Niles, Steve, Arani, and Rhea became the Doom Patrol, a team of heroes, and had several battles against the brotherhood and always stopped their evil plans.

The Last Mission

During the 1957s, the Doom Patrol successfully overpowered the Brotherhood's leader, Brain, and took his vessel, but he escaped with his servant, Mallah, a French gorilla. The Doom Patrol continued their work until they confronted Mister Nobody, an old enemy of Niles with dimensional powers, and Steve, Rhea, and Arani tried to defeat him, but were defeated by Nobody using his past, and were forced to age into his den. Angry, Niles abandoned his team and left Joshua Clay, a friend of Niles, to look after them.[1][2]

Unexpected Guests

To believe that they won, Steve made the entire team's lair an illusion with a happy ending and that they stayed young, although Joshua was aware of this. In 2019, Jane, a girl with 64 different personalities, Larry Trainor, a radioactive man, and Rita Farr, a woman with rubber powers, and who eventually dated Steve, came to the lair looking for answers. Steve met Rita again and showed her the trophies they got from their battles against the Brotherhood of Evil, Larry met Arani, who had presumably married Niles, Jane talked to Joshua about the defeat of the Doom Patrol at the hands of Nobody, and that Niles had a room for her to keep her from making chaos.

The Reality Hurts

When Rita and Larry realized that everything was false, Steve made those who were aware see their fears, Rita saw her old rival commit suicide, Larry met Charles Forsythe, a scientist who tortured him, Joshua met Niles , who forced him to use his powers and Jane saw puzzles before being raped by her father until Rita ended it all by removing Steve's helmet to reveal that the Doom Patrol are elders. Learning of Joshua's true defeat of the Doom Patrol, Rita, Larry, and Jane took their leave to continue their search for Niles while Steve restored hope to the team to reminisce about old times.[1]

Second Generation

A New Team

Some time later after saving Cloverton from destruction, Rita suggested to her friends to form a team of heroes as the Doom Patrol, something that they all accepted. The new Doom Patrol was led by Rita and comprised of Cliff Steele, a robot father figure, Larry, Jane, Laura De Mille, a former villain, and Victor Stone, a vigilante in training. However, Cliff wanted the team to call him the "Doom Force", which they all denied. As the first strange mission, the team traveled inside the Cliff and with the help of the time machine to the Suez Canal to save people from a testicle-shaped sea creature.[3]



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