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Quote1 Am I the only one who is tired of letting the world label us? Misfit, eccentric, good, evil, weapon. It's time we choose to label ourselves. Who are we? What are we? Why are we? Maybe we are weapons, but a weapon is only a tool as dangerous as the hand that wields it. What if we choose to become weapons for good? [...] We're not perfect, but we're trying to be good... which is more than most. Quote2
Rita Farrsrc

The Doom Patrol were a team of powerful beings disfigured and traumatized by horrible events that gave them their strange and unique powers, facing off against the strangest and dangerous threats the universe has to offer. They also act as a family and support group for each other, helping one another deal through their own specific traumas.


First Generation

Niles Caulder, a mad scientist, recruited Steve Dayton, a man with mental powers, Rhea Jones, a woman with metal-bending abilities, and Arani Desai, a woman with fire abilities who fell in love with Niles. To stop the Brotherhood of Evil, a group of super villains, Niles, Steve, Arani, and Rhea became the Doom Patrol, a team of heroes, and had several battles against the brotherhood and always stopped their evil plans.

Doom Patrol (TV Series) Episode Doom Patrol Patrol

The last mission

During the 1957s, the Doom Patrol successfully overpowered the Brotherhood's leader, Brain, and took his vessel, but he escaped with his servant, Mallah, a French gorilla. The Doom Patrol continued their work until they confronted Mister Nobody, an old enemy of Niles with dimensional powers, and Steve, Rhea, and Arani tried to defeat him, but were defeated by Nobody using his past, and were forced to age into his den. Angry, Niles abandoned his team and left Joshua Clay, a friend of Niles, to look after them.[3][4]

Unexpected Guests

To believe that they won, Steve made the entire team's lair an illusion with a happy ending and that they stayed young, although Joshua was aware of this. Caulder later opened Immortus Project searching for ways to become immortal, using the rest of the pieces of an ancient deity to make his various test subjects immortal; Rita Farr, a former actress with elastic powers, Larry Trainor, an individual radioactive, Crazy Jane, a girl with 64 different personalities, and Cliff Steele, a man turned brain inside a robot body. Caulder later sent the new group to live together at Doom Manor.

In 2019, Jane, Larry, and Rita, who previously dated Steve Dayton, came to his lair looking for answers. Steve met Rita again and showed her the trophies they got from their battles against the Brotherhood of Evil, Larry met Arani, who had presumably married Niles, Jane talked to Joshua about the defeat of the Doom Patrol at the hands of Nobody, and that Niles had a room for her to keep her from making chaos.

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 007

The reality hurts

When Rita and Larry realized that everything was false, Steve made those who were aware see their fears, Rita saw her old rival commit suicide, Larry met Charles Forsythe, a scientist who tortured him, Joshua met Niles , who forced him to use his powers and Jane saw puzzles before being raped by her abusive father until Rita ended it all by removing Steve's helmet to reveal that the Doom Patrol are elders. Learning of Joshua's true defeat of the Doom Patrol, Rita, Larry, and Jane took their leave to continue their search for Niles while Steve restored hope to the team to reminisce about old times.[3]

Second Generation

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Doom Patrol

A new team

Some time later after saving Cloverton from destruction, Rita suggested to her friends to form a team of heroes as the Doom Patrol, something that they all accepted. The new Doom Patrol was led by Rita and comprised of Cliff Steele, a robot father figure, Larry, Jane, Laura De Mille, a former villain, and Victor Stone, a vigilante in training. However, Cliff wanted the team to call him the "Doom Force", which they all denied. As the first strange mission, the team traveled inside the Cliff and with the help of the time machine to the Suez Canal to save people from a testicle-shaped sea creature. The Doom Patrol, now with Doctor Harrison, a Jane personality on the team, fought crime for 3 months, facing Cell Phone Sylvia, a woman who can send people to the Phantom Zone and they also faced Codpiece, the degrading criminal with a penis as a weapon.[5][6]

After Cliff received a sentience hand from Vic and his father, Silas Stone, the Doom Patrol used the time machine to visit Florida to celebrate, however their course caused them to travel to the year 2042, encountering a future Doom Patrol, defeated due to the Buttpocalypse, an apocalypse destroyed by the monstrous zombie Butts. After escaping back to 2022, the Doom Patrol began their goal of preventing the end of the world, deciding that Laura would stay as temporary leader, instead of Rita. The team took on separate missions, Cliff and Laura heading off to successfully kill their old enemy, Darren Jones, considering him one of the last zombie butts, while Vic and Jane got the last zombified butt, considering saving the world, , but out of mercy, Cliff hid the last Zombie Butt.[6][7][8]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Youth Patrol

Teenagers for a Day

Relaxing after their recent victory against the Butts, Laura convinced the Doom Patrol to go to Rita's film retrospective, though they ended up trapped in the artificial reality of the dangerous real-shifter, Doctor Janus, who stole Rita's longevity, before he the team was rescued by Keeg, the powerful member of the team and Larry's son. Involved in the situation with Janus, the Doom Patrol was informed by their the sorcerer and his friend, Willoughby Kipling, about how Rita, Larry, Cliff and Jane were in danger of losing their longevity at the hands of the ancient deity, Immortus, agreeing to stop him from destroying the universe. However, the Doom Patrol were put under a spell of youth, causing them to act like irresponsible teenagers and thanks to Kipling, who became an adult again thanks to the rabbit, Bunbury, the team returned to its normal age.[9][1][8]

Separated, Cliff and Jane were warned by Kipling about how Immortus's allies achieved Jane's longevity, a warning they refused to stop the deity's rise. Laura relinquished her leadership position to Rita to seek answers from Immortus Project. Larry and his friend/love interest, Rama, also known as Mister 104, were trapped in the Orqwith realm, where Larry lost his longevity. Vic and his best friend, Deric Hayes, were trying to fight off the Scissormen. Cliff, Jane, Vic and Deric regrouped, before being held back by the Scissormen, encountering Immortus' artist ally, Wally Sage, who was seeking Cliff's longevity to revive Immortus, and Cliff remembered that the last Zombie Butt had escaped, putting the team in trouble, but he preferred to keep it hidden from the rest of the team.[8][10]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Fame Patrol

Admired as Superheroes

The Doom Patrol would eventually meet together at the Sacrarium, where Cliff voluntarily gave up his longevity, sparking a brief battle with the cult, however, despite his unsuccessful efforts, Immortus finally ascended, revealing that he was possessing Isabel Feathers, destroying Orqwith. Powerless against Immortus and having lost their youth, the Doom Patrol pondered whether Isabel was truly a dangerous threat as they were helped to resist their state of old age with the help of Rama, Niles' powerful and gentle daughter, Dorothy Spinner, and the fictional superheroine who came to life, Casey Brinke. The Doom Patrol, for having "saved" Isabel, began to gain fame in Cloverton, receiving respect as heroes and a parade, provoking the wrath of Isabel, who used the powers of Immortus to attack them in revenge.[10][2]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Tomb Patrol

The Doom Patrol is attacked by the Butts

In her act of revenge, Isabel sent the Doom Patrol to a false musical reality called Immortimas, forcing them to live the same day over and over without remembering anything, praising Isabel and living happy lives, however, Laura was able to discover the deception. of Isabel, freeing the rest of the team and their allies from control, before being returned to reality. Despite the possibility of regaining their longevity from the Immortus talisman, the aging Doom Patrol flatly refused to do anything, preferring to live their last moments apart, but they finally decided to do something to save Rita's life, , being supported by the updated Cyborg, heading to Cloverton Playhouse, where they were attacked by the Butts led by the vengeful Teddy, however, the Doom Patrol ended up being sent by Isabel through a portal to the Timestream.[11][12]

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 016

The Last Stand

Inside the Timestream, Cyborg protected the team with a cybernetic capsule, devising a plan with Keeg to regain the longevity of Jane, Cliff and Larry to confront Immortus, traveling through three time portals between the years 1948, 1949 and 1996, but despite their efforts, the team was unable to accomplish their goal, something that would not stop them from defeating Isabel and Teddy's army. Returned to the present, the Doom Patrol returned to the playhouse thanks to the portal, bravely facing Immortus, while Laura fled in bird form towards the manor to look for Rita. In the middle of the fight, the Butts entered to exact revenge against the team, making the fight difficult. However, Teddy's twin brother, Nicholas, and his human wife, Margaret Yu, intervened, singing "Shipoopi", distracting the Butts, while the Doom Patrol hummed "Possibilities" from Cloverton's play, cheering up Immortus and the Butts to sing, disappearing through a portal in time.[13][14]

The Doom Patrol emerged victorious from their battle, celebrating with Rita the defeat of Immortus and the Butts, although Larry denied that it was they themselves who caused the threat of Immortus and the Butts, but the others saw the positive side because it was the same threat of the future the one that saved them. To everyone's surprise, Immortus headed to the manor, gifting his nails so that Jane, Cliff and Larry would regain their longevity, thanking them for helping them meet the Butts. Before biting off a nail, Rita died, saddening the Doom Patrol, who decided to travel to the afterlife to rescue her soul.[14]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Done Patrol

The Doom Patrol is over

Rita's ghost manifested in the mansion room, organizing one last meeting with the Doom Patrol, ordering the final separation of the team because they were never ready to be superheroes and had to learn to live their lives to achieve a future, an order. that everyone agreed and agreed to cremate the body of their former leader to honor her memory. After the funeral, the Doom Patrol finally went their separate ways and left the manor behind, with the members taking on new lives: Jane went to live with Casey on a space trip, Vic became the teacher at Deric's robotics school, Laura stayed in the manor and destroyed the Ant Farm to take revenge on the Bureau of Normalcy, Rita was reunited with her lover Malcolm in Heaven, Larry and Rama became a sun and Cliff passed away peacefully from Parkinson's with his family.[14]



  • Shipley
  • Doom Bus (Destroyed)
  • Cliff Steele's car


  • Another version of the Doom Patrol, portrayed by many of the same actors but set in a separate continuity, appeared in the DC Universe series Titans.
  • Despite the show being named Doom Patrol after the team, the Doom Patrol has only appeared in thirteen episodes, seeing how the original team retired and it took Caulder's test subjects a long time to declare themselves a team.
  • The current Doom Patrol has a total of 9 victories.[14]

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