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The Doom Patrol was a superhero group comprised of outcasts that frequently saved the world before the group's eventual destruction.


The Doom Patrol, organized by Niles Caulder, took in Beast Boy after the death of his mother - with Rita Farr and Steve Dayton officially adopting him.

However, while on a mission, most of the team was killed, with the only surviving members being Garfield himself and Mento, who allegedly chickened out of the mission and escaped. Mento would then abuse his guardianship of Garfield to make money from the boy's superpowers.

While hallucinating from a tampered VR device, Beast Boy experienced a hallucination of the team in the form of a cartoon as they recounted their brief lives and quick deaths. [1]


  • In their only appearance as a team, the Doom Patrol appeared in Beast Boy's hallucination as a parody of the cartoon series Teen Titans Go!, with each of the show's principle cast members playing a different member of the Doom Patrol.

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