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The Doom Patrol is a team formed by Dr. Niles Caulder, ostensibly to help metahumans whose powers posed a danger to themselves and others.

Forever Evil

During the Forever Evil storyline, the Doom Patrol attempted to stop the Crime Syndicate. However while attempting to stop them, Scorch, Karma, and Negative Woman were killed by Johnny Quick and Atomica, while Tempest and Celsius were believed to be killed. After learning of the demise of his team, the "Chief" decided to assemble a new Doom Patrol.[1]

New Doom Patrol

Shortly after the defeat of the Crime Syndicate, the new Doom Patrol debuted. This second incarnation of the team consisted of Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and former Justice League member Element Woman, whom the Chief recruited by convincing her that she was abandoned and left for dead by the League.[2]

The team attempted to capture Jessica Cruz, the new Power Ring, in order to recruit her to the team against her will. During their attempt to capture her, Caulder demands the team refuse to save civilians in a collapsing building to allow him to lobotomize Cruz and force her to serve him. The Justice League save the people in the building and Lex Luthor manages to hold Caulder back so Batman can convince Cruz to go with the League instead. During their fight, Luthor reveals that Caulder was responsible for causing the "accidents" that gave the Doom Patrol their powers and that both Celsius and Joshua Clay used the chaos of the events of Forever Evil to fake their deaths and escape from Caulder. It is also revealed that Caulder poisoned an entire fishing village as part of an experiment, and cured the residents only after Luthor had discovered the truth and threatened to expose him.[3]

Brick by Brick

When Danny the Street accidentally brought a comic book character he created called Casey Brinke to life, Casey found herself in the real world, unaware that her entire history was created as a figment of Danny's imagination until the day she was returned to him. [4]

It was revealed to Casey that an evil alien corporation named Vectra sought take advantage of Danny's powers to create a chain of fast food restaurants. Danny hoped use Casey to gather the members of the Doom Patrol to stop the plot.[5]


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