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Living 18 years of his life in Salt Lake City, Utah, young Elliot Patterson was raised by his kind parents Martha and Todd Patterson, always hearing how he wou

Quote1 The past few days I've had the sinking feeling that the Cult of the Unwritten Book was active again. Feels different this time. Like the bastards might've actually pulled it off. Signs are bloody everywhere, if you know where to look. Quote2
Willoughby Kipling

Cult Patrol is an episode of season 1 of Doom Patrol. It premiered on March 8, 2019.

Synopsis for "Cult Patrol"

Living 18 years of his life in Salt Lake City, Utah, young Elliot Patterson was raised by his kind parents Martha and Todd Patterson, always hearing how he would be the savior of the world, since he was The Book that would summon the powerful deity, the Decreator, before Todd warned him that it was not true, trying to save him, he was murdered by Martha, who chased Elliot. With the Decreator approaching, the gates to the Nürnheim kingdom opened in the hands of the Father Emilio Cuervo, something that was detected by the eccentric and burlesque sorcerer, Willoughby Kipling, who decided to go in search of Niles to ask for his help.

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 014

Kipling recruits the group to stop the Decreator

At the Doom Manor, the group continues to recover after their adventure in Paraguay, with Jane turning away from Cliff, transforming into Hammerhead, and Larry being forced by the Negative Spirit to remember his relationship with John, and everyone, except for Rita, is gathered by Vic to continue the search for Niles. Kipling suddenly arrives at the manor, discovering Niles's kidnapping, revealing that he is a friend of his, being forced to work with the group, warning about how the powerful Decreator's fanatics, the Cult of the Unwritten Book, were close to reading The Book to end the world, summoning the blue horse head with precognition powers, Baphomet, informs them about Elliot, whom they save from Martha.

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 018

"Nürnheim sucks!"

When Kipling asked to kill Elliot, the group flatly refused, devising a better plan to hide him from the Cult, tasking Cliff and Hammerhead to go to Spain to close the gates of Nürnheim while Kipling, Vic, Rita and Larry protected Elliot from any threat. In Spain, Hammerhead berates Cliff for the massacre that occurred in Paraguay, causing the two to argue about the things they have done and the reasons for their existence. Hammerhead and Cliff go to the church with Emilio Cuervo to try to close the doors, but when Hammerhead was traumatized by thinking that the church was corrupt, she tries to restrain Cuervo, who accidentally sends the duo to Nürnheim, where Hammerhead transformed into the hesitant personality, Penny Farthing, who ends up being captured with Cliff by the Hoodmen, who take them to Nürnheim Palace.

Gertrude Cramp Doom Patrol TV Series 003

Rita forms a bond with Elliot

While protecting Elliot, Vic argues with Rita about her lack of heroism, comparing her to Larry's negative spirit, recognizing him as a true hero alongside him. Elliot considered committing suicide to avoid the apocalypse, but Larry tried to advise him that it would not be a good option, teaching him that he should be true to himself and think that after finishing off the Decreator, he could be happy, but the Spirit let go of Elliot. Suddenly, Larry woke up, agreeing to watch the interrogations with Niles, learning that because of his pessimistic attitude, the Spirit felt pain. Vic talked to Kipling about his friendships with Niles, whom Kipling revealed to be the unkind person they know, mentioning his nature to do whatever it takes to save the world, including killing Elliot, something Vic refused to believe. Before Elliot committed suicide, Rita interrupted him, forming a bond with him because they were similar, teaching him to appreciate his life, filling herself with heorism to help the boy.

Back in Nürnheim, Cliff and Penny wake up, looking surprised at Martha and Todd's corpse, converted into the Archons, the leaders of the Cult, whom Cliff mocked because they could never read Elliot while the Mother Archon confessed that they had already located Elliot, sending Dry Bachelors towards the manor. Combining their technology and magic, Vic and Kipling easily fought the warriors together, receiving support from Larry and the Spirit, before The Hoodmen arrived, worrying Kipling, who had to leave Vic alone to kill Elliot. When Kipling attempted to kill Elliot with his flaming sword, Rita manifested her elastic powers, protecting the boy, being informed by Kipling that she must prevent him from being read because they were too soldiers.

Decreator Titans TV Series 0001

The Decreator is summoned

From the garage, the Little Sisters of Our Lady of the Razor kidnapped Elliot, preventing Rita from going after him and Vic was able to free himself with an explosion. Mother Archon and Cliff argued about her poor parenting style, but Cliff criticized her for her poor parenting, a point of view that Cliff and Penny saw, being seen by others as The Book's good caretaker. Using her powers, Mother Archon changed the form of Cliff and Penny, showing that Cliff saw Jane as his daughter and she saw him as a murderer for the massacre, then transforming Cliff into his brain form, and turning Jane into hes true version, Kay Challis. Elliot is finally read by the Cult, causing the Decreator to be summoned, being seen by Vic, Rita, Larry and Kipling, who were shocked to see his eye form, worrying that it would be the end of the world.

Appearing in "Cult Patrol"

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  • Cult of the Unwritten Book (First appearance)
    • Little Sisters of Our Lady of the Razor (First appearance)
    • Archons of Nùrnheim
    • The Hoodmen (First appearance)
      • Hoodmen Blind
      • Hoodmen Shame
    • Dry Bachelors (First appearance)
  • Decreator

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  • Willoughby Kipling's Flaming Sword (First appearance)
  • Magic Cigarrette (First appearance)



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