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Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 012

The team discusses after the disaster

Quote1 You don't get it! You think forcing me to relive this is torture? I relive this every time I go to sleep! I relive this when I close my eyes! You may know who I am but you don't know shit about me! If you did, you would know that every criminal I bust, and every person I save, is me fulfilling a pledge to my mom that she'll never get to hear! Trying to make her proud! Knowing I'm the reason she's not around to see it! That's my burden! That's what it means to be Cyborg! Quote2
Vic Stone

Donkey Patrol is an episode of season 1 of Doom Patrol. It premiered on February 22, 2019.

Synopsis for "Donkey Patrol"

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 012

The team discusses after the disaster

With the giant hole in Cloverton, several people began to be sucked in, overwhelming the team by not knowing what was happening, while Mister Nobody summarized the latest events to Niles Caulder, deciding to kidnap him to torture him. Seeing that the bus was heading to the hole, Jane, despite the warnings of her friends, jumped towards the hole to try to rescue Niles, however, the hole ended up swallowing the entire town, closing itself. Cliff Steele and Rita Farr argued over the giant hole, berating each other for not listening to Niles' warning, suggesting they find whoever was responsible for the event, although Larry Trainor claimed that they were the ones responsible by going out into the world, joining Rita in doing nothing, leaving Cliff alone, who began to look for clues on how to fix everything.

In Detroit, Michigan, the cybernetically enhanced and technological vigilante, Cyborg, real name Victor Stone, was patrolling the streets of his city, preventing different crimes, being supported by his father, Silas Stone, a renowned scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, who showed a lot of overprotection of him. In search of crimes, Vic ends up finding out about the events in Cloverton after hacking an FBI chat, remembering his past and friendship with Niles, who often visited him to provide technical support along with Silas, offering him one day to go to his house to that he knew his patients. Larry, in a desperate attempt to leave the devastated town, tried to take a bus, a trip that was prevented several times by his Negative Spirit, and finally returned to the manor, where he apologized to Rita for trying to flee, supporting her after the accidental disaster she caused by turning into a mass.

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 017

Hammerhead attacks Cliff

Cliff attempts to chase the albino donkey, which is tied up by Vic, a support that frustrates Cliff, causing the two to develop a rivalry due to their ignorance on the matter, before seeing the donkey spit Jane out of its mouth, leading her to the manor, where Vic meets Rita and Larry. When Jane wakes up, she begins to suffer a change in their different personalities, so Vic decides to take charge, trying to interrogate Jane, who was in her childish personality, Baby Doll, and Cliff, jealous of Vic, tried to investigate in the laboratory, discovering Niles' interviews with Jane, who tells him about The Underground, the place in her mind where his 64 personalities were. After Vic's interrogations, Jane's personalities are unleashed against him and Cliff, starting a fight in the manor, in which Cliff was able to calm his friend down, mentioning The Underground, a moment that Vic used to lock Jane in her room. Cliff took it upon himself to try to take care of the wild Jane, who refused to accept his care, until eventually Jane came to her senses.

Victor Stone Doom Patrol TV Series 009

"The donkey is a door."

Having doubts about the mysterious donkey, Vic ends up learning that the animal's throat was a door to an alternate dimension, convincing Rita to investigate inside the donkey's throat, receiving Larry's help to transport her inside, but when she ends up in the Inside the donkey, Vic and Larry were also sucked in. The trio put on headphones to continue their path in the strange alternate world, listening to the voice of Mister Nobody, who began to narrate the team's actions, guiding them towards three paintings that identified Rita's nostalgia, the loss of Vic and the Larry's feeling of worthlessness, sending the three into their past traumas to haunt them. In their memories narrated by Mister Nobody, Rita was sent to a film recording, being praised by everyone as a star, Larry was forced to pilot the X-15 again and Vic to his greatest trauma after suffering his terrible accident that destroy his human body.

Eric Morden Doom Patrol TV Series 009

Mister Nobody threatens the team

Nobody began to judge Rita, interrupting her performance, showing her a crying baby in a stroller; he mocked Larry for his desire to fly, making him have hallucinations of his wife, Sheryl Trainor, and John Bowers; and Vic continued to suffer from the accident that killed his mother, Elinore Stone, proving to be stronger than Nobody, explaining that his fight against crime was for his mother, explaining the meaning of being Cyborg. The trio were horribly tortured by Nobody by showing their greatest fears, trying to blackmail them into letting them go if they stopped looking for Niles, revealing his identity to them, before the Negative Spirit came out to free the citizens and end the torture, but Nobody claimed that he would always be present. The donkey began to spit out all of Cloverton, returning it to normal, freeing the team and then ending up exploding.

The team regroups to discuss their discovery about Mister Nobody, being led by Vic to go against him until Silas travels to the manor to berate Vic for joining Niles' patients, offering to return to Detroit to continue his race against him. crime, a request that Vic denied, deciding to stay with the group to rescue Niles. Larry returns to his radioactive room, removing his bandages and leaving a message for the spirit, asking him that they had to talk so they could live together. Vic asks Rita to see her guest room, recognizing her as a star for her bravery inside the donkey, something that raised Rita's self-esteem. Jane began to paint a bizarre painting, showing an omen in which Vic murdered the entire team, carrying a dead Silas in his arms.

Appearing in "Donkey Patrol"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Clara Steele (Flashback only)
  • Elinore Stone (In a vision) (Appears only as a corpse)
  • Ezekiel the Cockroach (First appearance)
  • John Bowers (As an illusion only)
  • Sheryl Trainor (As an illusion only)
  • A.R.G.U.S. (Mentioned only)
  • Beatriz da Costa (Mentioned only)
  • Bruce Wayne (Mentioned only)
  • F.B.I. (Mentioned only)
  • Flash (Mentioned only)
  • Grant Morrison (Mentioned only)
  • Justice League of America (Mentioned only)
  • Krypto (Mentioned only)
  • Melissa Roth (Mentioned only)
  • Patty (Single appearance)
  • Giselle (Mentioned only)





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