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Eric Morden Doom Patrol TV Series 004

"The mind is the limit!"

Quote1 Ready for a story about superheroes? Ugh, more TV superheroes, just what the world needs! Be honest, have you hung yourself yet? Or, what if I told you this was actually a story about super-zeros? Losers, achingly pathetic metahuman goose eggs. How about it? Ready to feel better about your own miserable lives for the next hour or so? Follow me. Quote2
Mister Nobody

Pilot is an episode of season 1 of Doom Patrol. It premiered on February 15, 2019.

Synopsis for "Pilot"

Eric Morden Doom Patrol TV Series 004

"The mind is the limit!"

In Paraguay in 1948, Eric Morden, a tourist interested in obtaining powers, travels through the streets of the place, secretly meeting with Sturmbannführer Heinrich Von Fuchs, a Nazi scientist who granted super powers to anyone with enough price, whom Morden It gave him an object of great value to become somebody. In a chamber, Von Fuchs set up the experiment for Morden, who began to recite his words "The mind is the limit", saying them several times until the chamber began to light up as Morden began to disfigure himself in various places.

Now taking place in Florida in 1988, the famous, agressive, and vulgar racing driver, Cliff Steele, lived in his mansion with his wife, Kate Steele, and his beloved daughter, Clara Steele, but secretly, he cheated on his wife numerous times, having sexual relations with Clara's nanny, Giselle, but despite his mistakes, Cliff did the job of a good father. During one of his many races, Cliff was ahead, before discovering that Kate was having sex with his best friend, Bump Weathers, frustrating Cliff, before a car crashed into his. After the accident, the brilliant doctor Niles Caulder, aka The Chief, begins to help Cliff recover, before he discovers that he was in the year 1995 and discovers that in the accident, his brain was the only thing that could be rescued, being transferred to a robot body, although it couldn't move at the moment.

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 015

Cliff's new life at the Doom Manor

Cliff began a tour of the Caulder's house, the Doom Manor, being transported by Larry Trainor, a mummified and pessimistic patient of Niles, who befriended him. In his life in 1961, Larry was once a family man, but secretly he had a relationship with his chief mechanic, John Bowers, and a great test pilot who was sent into space in his X-15, although due to a spatial phenomenon, he ended up merging with a powerful negative spirit, and Larry ended up falling to Earth, where his body burned, becoming radioactive. During his progress in walking, Cliff met Rita Farr, an elegant Niles patient. In her life as an actress in the 1950s, Rita was a critical actress who was disgusted in her film Forbidden Congo because a cameraman didn't have an arm and in the filming, she ended up falling into the lake which infected her with radiation, causing her body to deform, being criticized by everyone in the place.

Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Series 003

The patients of Niles Caulder

Inspired by his new friends, Cliff was finally able to learn to walk by remembering Clara, meeting with Niles to meet with his family, but through old audio recordings of his voice, Cliff remembers that he did not die in the accident, but in an attempt to improve, he went to pick up Kate and Clara to have a new life, however, a truck crossed his path, causing Cliff's accident and the deaths of Kate and Clara. Spending several years in depression, Cliff was supported by Rita and Larry to keep going until 2019 when another Niles patient, Crazy Jane, a young woman with 64 different personalities, arrived and became interested in Cliff, having an awkward first meeting. Later, Cliff accompanied Jane to the outskirts of the manor, forming a close bond with her, attempting to provide support while the patients stayed at the manor during Niles' travels.

Clifford Steele Doom Patrol TV Series 016

Cliff stops Rita

After Niles' last trip, Jane convinced everyone to go to Cloverton to have some fun, traveling via Larry's old bus. Upon arriving in town, the group split up, with Rita going to a restaurant, Larry to a bar, and Cliff and Jane to buy a giraffe to honor the late Clara. Jane chatted with Cliff in the park, talking about their lives until she decided to help Cliff investigate his daughter's whereabouts, claiming that she was still alive, something Cliff refused to believe. At the restaurante, Rita collapsed after a waitress spoke ill of her old job, causing her to turn into a giant mass. In an attempt to help, Jane tried to insult Rita to calm herself down, Larry tried to run away, but fainted after the negative spirit came out, while Rita approached a school bus, so Cliff used his super strength to stop her. to her friend, promising to take her home.

Back in Cloverton, Niles learned of the latest events, scolding his patients for the chaos caused, ordering them to flee the city because his enemies would come for him, but instead of fleeing, Cliff suggested defending the city, an idea which the entire group denied and decided to go with Niles, who wanted to escape with the team after seeing a mysterious albino donkey. Upon their departure from Cloverton, Jane convinced the group to return to Cloverton, disobeying Niles' orders and they joined Cliff to act as a team of heroes until encountering the mysterious donkey, which expelled a gas that said "The mind is the limit", unleashing a tremor. On the bus, Morden, now transformed into Mister Nobody, a powerful villain with dimensional powers, met again with Niles, becoming fascinated by his patients, whom he decided to have in his sights, opening a giant hole in Cloverton, surprising the group.

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