"The Wild, The Good, And The Grown-Up": The Dead Boy Detectives, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland find their way to a place where children are being killed and wrapped in bandages by two men. Despite their fears, they p

Quote1.png It's my power. Sometimes if I use it when-- at this time of the month-- bad things happen. things can get out. Things that are supposed to stay hidden inside. Quote2.png
Dorothy Spinner

Doom Patrol Annual (Volume 2) #2 is an issue of the series Doom Patrol (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1994.

Synopsis for "The Wild, The Good, And The Grown-Up"

The Dead Boy Detectives, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland find their way to a place where children are being killed and wrapped in bandages by two men. Despite their fears, they press on. Bravely, they don their disguises and leap out from their hiding places, hoping to stop the bad men. Unfortunately, the men get their hands on the boys, which distresses them, because the fact that they are dead usually makes them intangible.
Suddenly, the boys are saved by a strange doll who kills the attackers. She claims to be a messenger, a visitor, and a helper from Free Country. She explains that Free Country is the place where tortured children go to escape the horrors of the grown up world. The boys realize that Free Country must be the place to which the children they've been sent to find have disappeared. The doll attempts to persuade them to give up their search, because ultimately the lost children will be happier, but the boys persist, wanting to see their first case through to the end. Warning that neither of them will be able to go to Free Country because they are dead, she leaves them alone.
Elsewhere, Dorothy Spinner wakes to find that she got her period over night. In addition to the pain of cramps, Dorothy has to worry that her powers will manifest in dangerous and negative ways as a result. She expresses these concerns to Marion, who sympathizes, despite no longer having the capacity to have her period. Dorothy is disgusted with her own body's appearance, and the pain that it causes her. Marion tries to convince her that her body is fine, demonstrating her point by peeking in on The Chief, who has been reduced to a disembodied head.
Even so, Dorothy decides to visit a group of feral children known as the wild girls, to take her mind off of things. The wild girls have, in the meantime, stolen the nice dresses of some children, and are pretending to be mothers. They decide that they need their own mother, and create one out of dirt, garbage, and fruits and vegetables, which they promptly eat. When Dorothy appears, they all gather around her, cheering her, and calling her the story lady. They demand that she tell them a story, and use her powers to illustrate it, but given her current affliction, she turns them down.
One of the wild girls calls Dorothy ugly, and it hurts her feelings. When she confides in another that she feels like she doesn't belong anywhere, they begin a strange process of trying to make her like them. Unfortunately, the process makes her uncomfortable and her powers start acting up. The wild girls are attacked by monsters of Dorothy's creation, and she tries a number of methods to get rid of them, to no avail. As the monsters close in on her, the doll that had appeared to the boy detectives earlier appears there, and disposes of the monsters.
The doll explains that she is from Free Country, and that they need Dorothy's powers there for a special task. The wild girls are excited by the prospect of going there, but Dorothy is reluctant. She bargains the doll down to a visit, rather than a permanent stay, and they all use a magical hopscotch game to go to Free Country.
In Free Country, the doll takes Dorothy to a meeting of all of the children there. they are planning to use the powered children they have brought there to help them in a crusade to save all the children in the grown-up world, and bring them to Free Country. She is welcomed by all of the children, but when some of them mock her appearance, she immediately regrets her decision to come. Her upset is compounded by the fact that her period flares up again, and she needs to change her tampon.
Elsewhere, the wild girls reap the benefits of being unrestricted in Free Country. They find their way to a place where animals live in harmony with each other. Seeing a lion, they decide to attack it. They are stopped by Maxine Baker, who complains that this is her place where animals stay friends and don't hurt each other. When she realizes that the wild girls are wearing animal skins, she is disgusted, and uses her connection to The Red to make the animal skins return to life and bite them.
A group of Free Country inhabitants arrive and break up the altercation. First they scold Maxine for hurting other children, and then they scold the wild girls for failing to realize that there are rules. The wild girls are offended by the suggestion that there are rules in Free Country, and accuse the children of being just like grown ups.
Meanwhile, Dorothy has sneaked off to change her tampon, but realizes that she's being watched by a group of children who are confused by her actions. One of them is savvy enough to know that having her period means she's becoming a woman. Of course, adults aren't allowed in Free Country. The boy approaches Dorothy and gropes her against her wishes. Angrily, she punches him in the jaw, and attacks the other children with her powers. Desperately, she tries to get home, hoping that if she makes her own hopscotch pattern and sings her own special song, she will be able to make it home. It appears to be working, but she keeps hitting dead ends filled with monsters of her own creation.
While she makes several attempts to get across the hopscotch board, the children catch up to her and start throwing rocks at her. The wild girls come to her defence, just as Dorothy sees the way back to Doom Patrol Headquarters. As she leaps through the portal, she is greeted happily by Marion and Robotman, who inform her that she's been gone for weeks, and they are glad to have her back, finally.

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