"From Gil'Dishpan... With Doom!": As Invasion! strikes, the Alien Alliance attempts to get a foothold near the Arctic Circle by sending the Gil'Dishpan and their mercenaries as an occupying force. The Chief concludes that this is where the [[Doom Pat

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Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #17 is an issue of the series Doom Patrol (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1989.

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Synopsis for "From Gil'Dishpan... With Doom!"

As Invasion! strikes, the Alien Alliance attempts to get a foothold near the Arctic Circle by sending the Gil'Dishpan and their mercenaries as an occupying force. The Chief concludes that this is where the Doom Patrol is most needed, and the team suits up for underwater combat. Having been slighted by the alliance in his attempt to gain membership, their old enemy Garguax joins forces with the Patrol... adding his team of Sirens to their forces. The battle is already underway when they arrive, and Aquaman is leading the Atlantean army against the invaders. Dane Dorrance and his Sea Devils are also present to contribute in the war efforts.

Teaming up with Garguax

In open warfare, the three groups of fighters clobber the alien infantry through close combat. It is a dire battle full of many close encounters, and the Atlanteans push through many enemy casualties. A large number of other creatures of the deep are persuaded by Aquaman to join the struggle as well.

Atlanteans Strike Back

Superior fighting and stronger teamwork turn the tides into superiority for the protectors of Earth, causing the Gil'Dishpan to rethink their strategy. They plan to activate their ship's fusion reactor, incinerating the heroes at the cost of their own troops in the field. The Sea Devils discover this deception while they are covertly attaching magnetic mines to the underside of the enemy craft. The heroes retreat to avoid the large blast, all with the exception of Celsius, who refuses to abandon her position. Still feeling distraught and distanced from her teammates, she is desperately proving herself by attempting to shut the engine down with her powers at all cost, determined to do what she believes she must. As the great blast explodes from the ship, she is engulfed in the explosion and dies. Rescuing her lifeless corpse afterward, Robotman confirms that she is indeed dead. The team does not understand why she needed to sacrifice herself, and are shocked at the senselessness of her death.

Later, back on dry land after their strategic retreat, the Chief blames himself for not recognizing and diagnosing Celsius' mental disturbance that caused her to act this way. There is grieving for the loss of a friend. Although the fight is not yet over, their actions have disabled the Gil'Dishpan command ship. This would in fact have been impossible without the actions of Celsius. As a stand-off is called between the forces of Earth and the Alien Alliance, the team prepares for their next skirmish.


Death of Celsius

Previously, Garguax was booted from his regular position on the Moon, and denied membership in the alliance.[1] At the end of this issue, a cease-fire is established off-screen by Superman for the duration of one day.[2] The battle concludes later when the superheroes break the cease-fire an hour early, and this team ambushes the Gil'Dishpan... destroying their artillery quickly, and ravaging their infantry in open warfare. Aquaman's forces claim total victory, and the military operation here is the first complete success in the war.[3]


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