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"Labyrinths": In what used to be Paris, Animal Man, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle of the Justice League Europe examine the [[Painting That Ate Paris

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Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #28 is an issue of the series Doom Patrol (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1989.

Synopsis for "Labyrinths"

In what used to be Paris, Animal Man, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle of the Justice League Europe examine the painting that ate it, unsure of how to proceed, given that some of their team-mates were devoured along with everything else. Fortunately, (maybe), the Doom Patrol arrives to investigate.

Rebis becomes aware that in order to enter the painting, they must open the gate by producing some kind of contradictory image or idea, in the spirit of Dada. Being the very spirit of contradiction itself, Rebis' presence begins to activate the gateway, and the Doom Patrol disappears before the others' eyes.

Inside the painting, Rebis can sense the psychometric after-images of the Brotherhood of Dada, describing each member to the others. Now that they are there, though, Cliff recalls that Crazy Jane had mentioned something bad about the painting. Rebis senses it too, claiming that some ancient, inhuman intelligence is there in the painting with them - and it's waking up. Despite having used the painting as a weapon, Rebis is sure that the Brotherhood of Dada does not know about the evil presence within it.

Trying to find their way through the painting's strange landscape, they find themselves back in the room they originally appeared in, where another painting sits. And in that painting is an image of the very room they stand in, with a painting of its own; an infinitely recursive image. Suddenly, Frenzy smashes in through the wall, and knocks Cliff into the next painting, separating him from his companions.

Cliff finds himself in an impressionist version of the painting, hosted by Mister Nobody. The strange man sends him on his way before long, though.

Rebis is unsure of which level of the painting it has reached, and decides to explore the landscape. This level seems to be based on futurist principles of art and architecture. While wandering the street, Rebis encounters The Quiz. Cliff, meanwhile, arrives in a very modernist version of the painting, where he encounters Sleepwalk, who attacks him. Desperately, he tries to wake her up before she tears him apart.

Jane, ends up in a surrealist landscape, where she meets The Fog. Despite most of his menacing statements being undercut by the souls he has absorbed, he intends to absorb her as well, and chases her around the dream-like world.

Facing the Quiz, Rebis is forced to try listing off every super-power that can be thought of - because she has every power that can't be thought of. Still, it's a race against time. With the Quiz momentarily distracted, Rebis releases the Negative Spirit, and keeps thinking hard.

In order to prevent the Fog from touching her, Jane allows herself to be taken over by the personality Rain Brain, whose inconsistency renders her intangible. Unfortunately, it doesn't last, and she is soon captured. Likewise, the Negative Spirit is captured when Rebis fails to think of the power to create escape-proof spirit jars.

All that remains of the Doom Patrol is Cliff, who is under attack by the entire Brotherhood of Dada now. With relative ease, they remove the mechanisms that keep his brain alive, and declare themselves winners over the Doom Patrol. Suddenly, though, Sleepwalk wakes up, and screams that something has awakened; the buried rider, the fifth horseman.

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