"Nineninenine99999, Part 2 of Nada": In a flashback, Cliff Steele recalled becoming Robotman and what it felt like to him.

Quote1.png Dada shma-da, my dear boy -- that's old news! If we're gonna make a comeback, it's gotta be fresh! Everything, everyone -- unwanted, unloved, unknown -- they come to me. Which is why you're here. We're going to zero out all of existence! Reboot! Remake! Remodel! Regurgitate -- and behold! The Brotherhood of Nada! Quote2.png
Mister Nobody

Doom Patrol (Volume 6) #9 is an issue of the series Doom Patrol (Volume 6) with a cover date of January, 2018. It was published on November 22, 2017.

Synopsis for "Nineninenine99999, Part 2 of Nada"

In a flashback, Cliff Steele recalled becoming Robotman and what it felt like to him.

In the present, Cliff was with Larry and Jane, fighting robots, when the metal man was blasted away by a laser from one of the robots and collided with an armored car. The robots kept on repeating the phrase "say I love you". Jane went to check on Cliff, who said that he "felt love" after being shot. Next, one of the robots shot at Larry. Suddenly, Flex Mentallo arrived and destroyed the robots with his telepathic powers. Two men suddenly fell out of what appeared to be the two robots. One of the pilots carried the other pilot in his arms before they both melted away. Casey arrived with Terry None and told them that they should be moved to Dannyland immediately.

At the Reynolds Residence, Lucius Reynolds was performing a ritual, attempting to summon "forms of darkness". During the "ritual", a cat came out of a trashcan before falling back inside. Out of frustration, Lucius threw a record disk at a wall, much to his regret immediately after. Lucius took out another disk and his record player to check if how it would sound if it were played in reverse. As Lucius played the record, he was teleported in the presence of an unidentified man. The man asked Lucius to guess what he had in his hand, which the child assumed was feces; the man revealed his true form as Mister Nobody and that there was nothing at all in his hands.

In the Final Heaven, The Disappointment was composing a message directed towards his cousin. Next, the Disappointment picked up a comic book that read Haxxalon The Star Archer, mentioning that it was cancelled and turned to a page with a panel teasing his marriage to a woman named Starlene.

Meanwhile, Casey was holding a box of $♯!+, realizing that it was empty when Terry entered the room. Terry asked Casey where Lotion was. Casey responded by giving Terry a note intended for lotion. As Terry read the note, she was interrupted when Casey kissed her. The two kissed until, they fell out of the building through a whole that was covered by a plastic cover that read "DANGER GIANT HOLE". As the two fell, Casey used a parachute to stop them from plummeting to the ground.

Lucius and Mister Nobody were in the middle of Nowhere where the latter revealed his history as the leader of the Brotherhood of Dada against the Doom Patrol. Next, Mister Nobody revealed to Lucius that he had also formed the Brotherhood of Nada and transformed Lucius into The Great Ludini, the Teenage Nothing, recruiting him as their newest member.

Back at the Reynolds Residence, Valerie Reynolds found a note that read "SHAPE WHAT YOU DREAM" on top of a box of artist's sculping clay. Samuel Reynolds appeared and revealed that he had placed the box and note on the table. Valerie hugged Samuel and pointed out his Beast Boy shirt. Next, the two went into Lucius' room to find that he was missing and a message that read "THANKS FOR NOTHING."

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  • One of the love robots shouts out "WHEREISREBIS" while fighting the Doom Patrol. Rebis was a name temporarily used by Negative Man.

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