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"Doomsday" was a creation of Lex Luthor made from the body of General Zod and Luthor's blood.

After the destruction of Krypton and the battle of Metropolis, what was left of the Fortress of Solitude was now in the middle of the city. the government begun researching the advanced alien technology it possessed, however Lex Luthor managed to gain access from the government, as well as access to what remained of General Zod. Luthor used Zod's command key to gain access over the ship and he learned about the genesis chamber. As a result, he placed Zod's body into the waters in the ship, cut his hand and his blood ended up on Zod's face. Despite the warning the computer gave to Luthor, the ambitious CEO told it to begin the birthing of the creature. In hours, what remained of the late Kryptonian general, was now mutating into the deformity that Krypton had banned so many years ago. Shortly after, Superman returned to Luthor, after his battle with Batman. It was then the monster's birth was complete and it was now ripping apart the ship before nearly punching Lex. Luckily for Lex, Superman was there to stop Doomsday and began an intense fight with him, leading out of the scout ship.

Despite the fight Superman put up, Doomsday proved too strong for the Kryptonian, as he sent him flying into the statue honoring the Man of Steel. The monster leaped up and ended up on a skyscraper, making himself a clear target for the military choppers. Though they scored direct hits on the creature, Doomsday obliterated them with the use of his bio-electric blast. He stood there in triumph, however Superman took him by surprise, leading the man of steel to fly up through the same skyscraper and colliding with the monster, skyward. With Superman taking the monster up into the upper atmosphere, the United States Military sent a nuclear weapon towards both Superman and Doomsday, in hopes of killing him. The weapon had detonated and both were caught in the blast, however Doomsday had returned to Earth and landed on Stryker's Island. The result of the nuclear blast however, made the creature even more powerful than previously.

Batman was in the vicinity of the creature and realized the best way to kill him would be to use Kryptonite weapons. He had only one Kryptonite gas grenade left and knew that the spear was back in Gotham. He used the Batwing's cannons as a means to get Doomsday's attention and lead him back to Gotham where he would obtain the spear from his battle prior with Superman. Doomsday followed in the air and managed to shoot down the Batwing with his thermal blast, landing in Gotham and almost killing the Caped Crusader. Luckily for Batman, Wonder Woman landed right in the path of Doomsday's thermal blast, blocking it with her bracelets of submission, before clashing them together, knocking the creature back several feet. A sonic boom could be heard and Superman, who was regenerated by exposure to the yellow sun, flew down and smashed Doomsday into a nearby facility, causing a massive explosion.

Doomsday absorbed the energy around him and emitted a powerful bio-electric blast, which Batman evaded, while Wonder Woman used her shield to protect herself and Superman braced himself for the blast. Doomsday stood within the fire until Wonder Woman leaped towards the monster, leading for him to retaliate. Superman aided Wonder Woman, as did Batman. Doomsday however was too powerful for Wonder Woman's attacks and even overpowered Superman, after a power struggle with Superman's heat vision and his own thermal blast. Superman then heard Lois was in danger and went to aid her, as well as obtain the spear, while Wonder Woman continued battling Doomsday. Doomsday attempted to kill Diana, however she managed to sever his hand, which regenerated into a crystalline spike. Wonder Woman managed to subdue Doomsday with her lasso of truth and Batman shot his last Kryptonite gas grenade at the monster, weakening him. With Superman now back in the fight, he took up the spear and with enough speed, impaled the monster with the spear.

Doomsday however, managed to free himself from Wonder Woman's lasso, grabbed Superman and impaled the Kryptonian on the spike the regenerated after the loss of his hand. Doomsday's lethal attack did not deter Superman, as he forced the spear further through the creature's body and as a result, exiting out his back. As a result, Doomsday collapsed on the ground after emitting the last of his energy.


  • Deformed Kryptonian Physiology: Doomsday is a Kryptonian Deformity, a being whose existence is banned by many alien colonies, due to its destructive nature, ferocious bloodlust & extraordinary physical powers. Lex Luthor created him using the genesis chamber to metamorph General Zod's deceased body with Lex's own blood, thereby creating the ultimate doomsday device a.k.a "Doomsday".
    • Superhuman Strength: He has massive superhuman strength, enough to break through Superman's virtually indestructible body.
    • Invulnerability: His invulnerability is on par with every Kryptonian. However, missiles were able to damage him, only for him to regenerate, absorb all the radioactive/nuclear energy from the missiles to "evolve".
    • Superhuman Stamina: His stamina & adrenaline are virtually limitless, even after a lengthy battle & taking extensive physical damages, he was still hyperactive, despite being in agonizing pain.
    • Regeneration: Even though Batman & Superman had a hard time trying to harm him, every time he was slashed by Wonder Woman's sword, the injury would heal within a few seconds. When he is healing, his damaged area gives off an orange glow. After a few seconds, when he has healed, the orange glow fades away.
    • Energy Absorption: Wonder Woman has stated that he "feeds" on energy in order to evolve.
      • Adaptive Evolution: After absorbing all the radioactive/nuclear energy from the missiles, he grew out bony protrusions, claws & spikes as well as gained more muscle mass, strength & durability. He also acquired a few new powers. However, he is not able to adapt to magical attacks.
    • Energy Projection
      • Thermal-Blast: After his first "Evolution", he was capable of firing heat blasts from his eyes & mouth, making it almost three times the size of Superman's heat blasts.
      • Electro-Blast: When extremely agitated or in agonizing pain, he was capable of discharging electrical blasts from his body, which could level a few city blocks at once.
    • Flight: While chasing the Batwing, he was floating in the air, firing heat blasts to knock it down.


  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Since the destruction of Krypton, its remains (rendered radioactive by the explosion) have been spreading throughout the universe as Kryptonite, a crystalline substance whose specific radioactive wavelength is lethal to Kryptonians native to this reality. Its effects are poisonous to him, despite his regeneration abilities & adaptive evolution. The Kryptonite spear was capable of killing it. Batman's Grenade launcher(Which has Kryptonite dust-based ammunition) were able to temporarily disrupt his powers, rendering him somewhat "mortal".
  • Vulnerability to Magic: Wonder Woman's enchanted sword was capable of cutting though his extremely durable skin. Doomsday could never adapt to Diana's magic blasts & was affected by them. Doomsday heat blasts never even scratch Diana's enchanted bracelets. Diana's Lasso of Truth was capable of holding doomsday down. The only way he got out of it was when his electro blasts affected Diana, making her loose her grip over him.
  • Feral Mentality: Doomsday's mentality lacks rational thinking & he solely relies on is ferocious bloodlust & extraordinary physical powers. However, like any animal, he can be trapped with the right bait. This was seen, when Batman acted as "Bait", then Wonder Woman as able to "Trap" him with her Lasso of Truth. This would give Superman the opening to deliver the "Killing Blow", even though it costed him his life.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the DC Extended Universe and is an adaptation of Doomsday. The original character was created by Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, and Louise Simonson and first appeared in Superman: The Man of Steel #17.
  • Robin Atkin Downes provided the voice and motion-capture for Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
  • Though the monster is a clear adaption of the comic book character Doomsday, the character is only briefly namedropped as "[Superman's] Doomsday" by Lex Luthor and not given a formal name. The credits for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice refer to it vaguely as "creature".
  • Supplementary material within the DVD release of Man of Steel mentions that another Doomsday (explicitly referred to with this name) existed prior to Krypton's destruction, created by Bertron as in the comics.
    • Zack Snyder has confirmed that this is the comics-accurate, "real" Doomsday, who is still alive in the DCEU continuity.[2] Snyder revealed in a Vero watch party of Man of Steel that the broken moon visible when Jor-El heads to the Citadel in the film was an Easter egg teasing a planned appearance by the real Doomsday.[3]



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