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Doomsday was an alien monster that had been buried in the Earth's surface for a very long time before being unearthed by the United States Government and integrated into their Project Superman as "Subject Six".

Only going through mild training, one test involving the monster killing a rhinoceros, Doomsday was shifted into the field early, under the mind control of General Nathaniel Adam in order to apprehend the foreign invader Booster Gold. When the mind control device stopped having an effect on Doomsday, the monster began to go on a rampage before being taken back under control and successfully capturing Booster Gold.

While preparing to kill Booster, Doomsday himself was killed when his mind control device was taken by Alexandra Gianopoulus, who made the monster kill himself.



  • Diminished Intellect: Doomsday's only personal thoughts involve death and destruction when he's not being mind-controlled by the government.



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