The Doomsday was the capital ship of Kryptonian military leader Admiral Zod. [1] Some three-hundred Earth years ago, Admiral Zod's ship crashed in the Southwestern United States in the region now known as Texas. In recent years, it has been unearthed by Lex Luthor who sought to use it as a weapon against Superman. [2]


  • Forcefield Manipulation The Doomsday could erect near impermeable barriers of incomparable resistance capable of blocking out even some of the most impromptu methods of penetration.
  • Geomorphing the ship in itself is sentient and capable of changing and altering its infrastructure as well as architecture into whatever it needs to be at will. Be it a floating warship to a perfectly prehensile giant robot.
    • Crystalo Drones Doomsday can also not only discharge it's own crystalline mass as heavy set projectiles integrate their jewel like substance to remake their surroundings, but they also become artificially intelligent mobile arms capable of land stalking and air superiority, all of which like the mothership are able to fire lasers.
  • Assimilation Like many Kryptonian elements, the crystal ship has the ability to absorb and mimic anything it is introduced to, Be it the terrain it was initially grown from to the light of the life giving star within orbit. Even the various radiation emissions produced by certain letha Elements.

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