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The creature known as Doomsday was born out of Kryptonian genetic experiments.

General Zod and his wife, Faora, combined their own DNA with that of the most violent and strongest creatures on the planet. They sent the genetic material to Earth, where it created a boy, who was later named Davis Bloome. Throughout Bloome's life, Doomsday would occasionally emerge and murder people. Sometimes, he would get killed, but was then resurrected again. His adaptive biology made it impossible for Doomsday to be killed the same way twice.[1][2][3]

Doomsday was ultimately split from Bloome, after Chloe Sullivan used black Kryptonite on them. Doomsday went on a violent rampage throughout Metropolis but was soon confronted by the Kryptonian Clark Kent. The two fought, but Clark managed to tackle Doomsday down into a ten-mile deep tunnel, which Clark's friends collapsed with explosives, killing him.[4]

No longer having the genetic material of Bloome in his body, Doomsday was no longer able to resurrect himself. In the 31st Century, Doomsday's remains were discovered by Kirt Niedrigh. Niedrigh managed to acquire the genetic material of an unborn child of clones of Faora and Zod (a genetic sibling of Bloome). By integrating the genetic material into Doomsday's remains, Niedrigh was able to trigger the resurrection of Doomsday, whom Niedrigh sent to New Krypton, to wipe out the population. Once more, Doomsday was confronted by Clark (now known as "Superman"), who had come to the 31st Century and fought Doomsday alongside the Legion. They fought until Superman managed to throw Doomsday into the sun, presumably killing him.[5][6]





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