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"Walk on Water": Reggie Long, a.k.a. the "new" Rorschach is an inmate in Arkham Asylum, after Batman betrayed him and locked him there, believing him to be insane. As he lives the harsh life of the criminally in

Quote1.png Dad was a good man helping troubled people. Like Kovacs. Like me. Pulled them out of darkness. Turned them toward light. But what is light? Different for everyone. But everyone looking. See what we want to see. No matter how small... or big we are. Quote2.png
Rorschach (Reggie Long)

Doomsday Clock #4 is an issue of the series Doomsday Clock (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2018. It was published on March 28, 2018.

Synopsis for "Walk on Water"

Reggie Long, a.k.a. the "new" Rorschach is an inmate in Arkham Asylum, after Batman betrayed him and locked him there, believing him to be insane. As he lives the harsh life of the criminally insane, he remembers his past.

Reggie was the son of Malcolm, a renowned psychiatrist, and Gloria Long, his wife. He was a good child, never arguing or complaining, but he wasn't very sociable or good with girls.

In Arkham, Reggie is beaten up by the guards and keeps asking himself why is he there at all.

At the time when Reggie went to college, his father Malcolm came into the spotlight of public opinion as he was assigned a psychiatric evaluation of Walter Kovacs, the original Rorschach. Malcolm and Gloria started having problems with their relationship, which Reggie could feel through her voice on the phone.

The day Ozymandias released a creature from another dimension on New York City, killing millions, including Reggie's parents, Reggie was driving on a highway and barely escaped the explosion's reach.

In Arkham, Reggie is greeted by a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Matthew Mason. As the doctor asks questions about him and why the Batman took him there, Reggie starts having troubling visions concerning the day he saw millions of newyorkers die a horrible death in front of his eyes.

Reggie was taken out of his car by firemen, but because his trauma was too much for him to handle, he was taken to a mental hospital, like thousands of other survivors of the New York massacre. There, he already experienced the violence and medications he would have to bear in Arkham, and one day he escaped his cell and ran to the roof of the facility in order to jump off it. On the roof, he met a mysterious old man in a robe who claimed he was going to fly away. After saying "I see what I want to see", he effectively flew off, leaving Reggie shocked as he was grabbed by the guards of the facility to take him back to his cell.

Reggie was made to take a Rorschach test, only to have the image of his parents dying resurface over and over again, until, taking seriously the words of the old man, he managed to see a moth out of the spots. One evening, the old man was captured and taken back to the facility, so he introduced himself to Reggie as Mothman, a member of the Minutemen. Together, they listened to Adrian Veidt claiming on television he would do all the necessary to help the victims of the New York massacre.

In Arkham, Reggie refuses to answer to his psychiatrist, believing him to be "nothing like his father", so he's taken back to his cell while wondering where or who could Doctor Manhattan be. A "Jane Doe" looks at him behind her cell door with interest.

As Reggie and Mothman grew closer, the old man decided to fly away again to take some of Reggie's parents' stuff to him. Amongst them, there was Malcolm's notebook, where he explained his ideas on Rorschach, but with many missing pages. Reggie talks with Mothman about that, concluding someone must have stolen them. Meanwhile, a guard by the name of Jason approached Reggie to confiscate his father's mug: the two had a clash that resulted in the mug getting broken and Reggie on the ground in despair.

After this accident, Mothman decided to train Reggie, so that he would be able to defend himself. The next time Jason behaved with arrogance, Reggie was able to knock him off with a punch to the face.

Reggie spent his nights reading and studying Kovac's case. On the news, Veidt was accused of being the man behind the New York Massacre, so all survivors, including Reggie, were going to be transferred to another facility, where they would be asked questions about the man. Jason taunted Reggie about this one last time, as Reggie sticked a knife in his hand.

On October 11th 1992, the news reported that the theories concerning Veidt were gaining traction, leading Reggie to firmly believe he was responsible for the massacre. Mothman tried to convince him that there was not enough evidence, but the young man was sure of it. He set the mental hospital on fire, so that he and the other inmates could escape. During the escape, Byron (a.k.a. Mothman) looked back at the hospital in flames, said "It's been calling to me. I see it", and walked inside the fire.

Reggie, alone, looked inside his bag to find a letter of explanations from Byron, a map to Veidt's hideout and a ticket to get there. He also found Rorschach's mask, touching it for the first of many times.

After a long journey, the new Rorschach managed to reach Veidt's hideout, and approached him with a lancet in his hand. Veidt turned around, knowing he was being attacked, and asking the mysterious assailant to kill him quickly. He explained he has brain cancer, why he did what he did, and that he ultimately felt enormous regret for his actions. Reggie felt that those words were genuine, so he let him live.

In Arkham, Reggie hears voices inside his cell calling for him, and he dismisses them as tricks of his own mind. One day, though, the "Jane Doe" turns up outside his cell, being the source of those voices he heard. She claims she has been inside his mind and that they need to leave immediately, opening his cell door.

Reggie and Adrian Veidt left the latter's hideout, with the goal of finding Dr. Manhattan and restoring the world to what it was before the massacre.

As Reggie and "Jane" escape the Asylum, Bruce tells Alfred he's underestimated the guy, as it is implied he was doctor Matthew Mason in disguise all along. Meanwhile, a fly is shown flying to a light in Arkham Asylum, and as it evaporates, the smoke forms what looks like a hydrogen atom, and a photo floats down slowly in Reggie's now empty Arkham cell, showing two certain individuals.

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  • The supplemental information section is a series of letter from Brian Lewis (Mothman) to his sister Betty sent from the Fitzgerlad Mental Health Home.

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