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"There Is No God": After his encounter with Luthor and the Comedian, Ozymandias finds himself in Metropolis General Hospital and under guard by the police. Veidt overwhelms t

Quote1 You must be him. Adrian Veidt. I've read all about you. Quote2

Doomsday Clock #5 is an issue of the series Doomsday Clock (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2018. It was published on May 30, 2018.

Synopsis for "There Is No God"

After his encounter with Luthor and the Comedian, Ozymandias finds himself in Metropolis General Hospital and under guard by the police. Veidt overwhelms the guards, and is able to easily escape with Bubastis in a police uniform.

At the Daily Planet, Lois Lane is enraged at Perry's changing of her article title; Lois has written an article about the supposed "assassination attempt" on Luthor by Ozymandias, and Perry edited the title stating that the attacker was a metahuman. Due to all of the recent controversy surrounding the "Supermen Theory", Perry believed that the title change would attract more readers, but Lois is furious nonetheless. Lois confronts Clark, believing that someone is behind the theory.

All over the world, international relations have been destabilized due to the Theory's turmoil, causing a "metahuman arms-race" to spill out. Russia has displayed a new super team called "The People's Heroes", led by a russian hero named Pohzar, to defend from "America's manufactured metahumans". The American hero Firestorm is enraged after being linked to the theory, and Black Adam of Kandhaq has opened his borders to any Metahuman who seeks refuge.

Following their escape from Arkham Asylum, Rorschach and "Jane Doe", who now calls herself "Saturn Girl", have decided to work together to find Doctor Manhattan. Saturn Girl reveals that she has telepathic abilities, and that they can find Manhattan with "a great big light".

In a nursing home, a resident named Donald continues to watch "The Adjournment", while the others witness the global superhero fallout before them.

The Adjournment continues, as Nathaniel Dusk and Lt. Murray continue to search for the culprit behind the murder of Alastair Tempus and Bentley Farmer; the former being a wealthy retiree, and the latter being Murray's ex brother in-law. The duo break into the suspect's house, finding Tempus' accountant, Jasper Wellington, with a briefcase full of money. After interrogation, Dusk comes to the conclusion that Jasper Wellington stole the money from Tempus, but didn't kill him and Farmer.

When checking on Mr. Thunder, the orderlies realize that he has escaped from his room. They don't seem to worry, as John Thunder is 102 years old, so he can't have gotten very far. Thunder, however, has made his way to the station, where he takes a bus to the All-American Steel Factory in Pittsburgh. John is searching for "a magic lamp" belonging to his friend, Alan, that can find his friends and bring back his "Genie".

Mime and Marionette continue to slaughter individuals affiliated with the Joker, and discover that he will be present at a meeting on top of the GCPD Headquarters later that day. Meanwhile, The Comedian comes across the bar where the couple had massacred the Joker's goons, and scares two officers as he continues to look for the perpetrators.

Veidt makes it back to the Owlship, but is welcomed by Batman, who has "read all about him". The two clash over opposing ideologies, each having failed their world in sorts; Adrian has been exposed for the New York attack, and Batman has let his city plunge into chaos.

Lois visits Lex at the hospital, confronting him about the Supermen Theory. He denies any involvement in the Government Agenda, and instead wants to work with Lois to expose the truth about the Theory. Luthor tells Lois that the individual who created the Metahumans for the government was a Metahuman themselves, and was once a member of the Justice League. As he tells her this, Superman watches from above.

Thunder arrives at the factory, but is ambushed by a group of thieving junkies. He comes across the "magic lantern", but the junkies beat him senselessly.

Gotham is in chaos, as riots spill out across the city, and the GCPD is overrun by the Joker's henchmen. Batman falls out of the Owl-ship, and is attacked by the masses of Anti-Batman protesters. Just as Mime and Marionette arrive on the GCPD roof, the Joker confronts them, but is suddenly interrupted by one of his henchmen presenting him with the broken body of Batman.

Thunder is saved by Rorschach and Saturn Girl, who ask him to explain what the Lantern is.

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  • The supplemental information section is the "Special Report: The Metahuman Menace" part of the May 19, 2019 issue (Volume 710) of Trouble Alert. According the piece over 97% of the World's meta humans are Americans and the Department of Metahuman Affairs had a hand in creating most of them. It also mentions the disappearances of several metahumans.


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