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"Blind Spot": On July 6th, 1940, a young engineer named Alan Scott is riding a train over a bridge when it collapses. He miraculously survives by clutching onto a "Green Lantern". On November 22nd, 1940, Alan is sitti

Quote1.png But I was wrong Adrian. Everything ends. Quote2.png
Doctor Manhattan

Doomsday Clock #7 is an issue of the series Doomsday Clock (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2018. It was published on September 26, 2018.

Synopsis for "Blind Spot"

On July 6th, 1940, a young engineer named Alan Scott is riding a train over a bridge when it collapses. He miraculously survives by clutching onto a "Green Lantern". On November 22nd, 1940, Alan is sitting at a round table wearing a mask, waiting to see who will speak first. On January 8th, 1950, Alan testifies before the "House of Un-American Activities Committee", refusing to implicate anyone in his employ.

On July 6th 1940, a young engineer named Alan Scott is riding a train over a bridge when it collapses. Doctor Manhattan moves the Lantern six inches out of his reach. Alan Scott dies when the bridge falls, leaving behind no family. In January, 1950, Manhattan stands on Scott's grave. In November, 1940, his fingers draw the lines on an empty round table. Two hours ago, Johnny Thunder finds the Lantern in an abandoned factory.

Johnny, Rorschach, and Saturn Girl leave the factory, and are picked up by Ozymandias in the Owlship.

Around the world, the "Superman Theory" continues to create conflict and controversy. As Markovia and Russia become allies, the hero Firestorm is accused of connection with the Theory, and Superman remains the only beacon of hope in the world.

In the Owlship, Bubastis begins to glow blue; Ozymandias believing that they are getting closer to Manhattan. He says that he cloned then new Bubastis from the remains of the "original", who had been disintegrated with Manhattan, allowing her to follow his "scent". Veidt continues to suffer from terrible migraines due to his worsening brain cancer, but Rorschach reassures him. Imra reveals she was sent back in time by the Legion of Super-Heroes to cleanse an "anomaly" that threatened Superman. Johnny gives Adrian the Lantern, as he proceeds to Manhattan's suspected location.

Following his capture, Edward Blake is taken to Joker's "funhouse", where he is tortured by Marionette and Mime for information regarding Manhattan. The torture proves ineffective, as Blake doesn't know where or when Jon could possibly be. Suddenly, Batman escapes from his restraints and attacks the villains. As he fends off the criminals, both parties are greeted by Rorschach and Ozymandias, along with a glowing Bubastis.

Adrian reveals that Bubastis sees Manhattan's "temporal fingerprints" on the Lantern; causing Jon to feel a strong pull to her, similar to a magnet. As blue energy fills the room, Adrian beckons for Manhattan to show himself. A blue flash engulfs the room, and Manhattan appears before the heroes. Batman approaches Manhattan, claiming that he "knows who he is". Jon creates a circle around the beings of his own universe, teleporting them from Batman and Joker.

Adrian tells Manhattan that he came to Jon for help; due to his failure, Manhattan's return is the only way to bring peace to their Earth. Manhattan declines, as he's in the middle of an experiment with this universe. Manhattan tells Adrian that he knows Adrian wanted Laurie Juspeczyk to come, but she refused, leading Ozymandias to take Marionette and Mime instead. Adrian believed that Manhattan hesitated to kill them during a robbery due to his discovery of Marionette's pregnancy. Manhattan rebuffs this; stating that he spared her due to his knowing of what her child would become. Jon then reveals that she is again pregnant.

Rorschach pleads with Manhattan to help Adrian; saying that he has changed after being diagnosed with cancer. Manhattan then reveals to Rorschach that Veidt does not have cancer. Adrian tells Rorschach that he lied in order to get his help. Like his predecessor, Reggie only saw what he wanted to see; the man who murdered his parents afflicted with regret and remorse. Reggie believed that Kovacs was his father's friend, taking up the mantle of a hero. However, his father's time interacting with Kovacs only broke down his positivity, deteriorating his relationship with his wife.

As Rorschach grabs Veidt, Manhattan transports them over Washington D.C. in the midst of a, "Anti-Batman" rally. Adrian asks Jon why he came to this universe; with Jon saying that he had believed he would find a place among the heroes. However, as he looked forward, he saw a vision of the most hopeful among them heading to attack him, and then nothing.

Jon transports them again, but to April, 1954, during a midnight showing of Carver Colman's last film, The Adjournment. Two months later, Carver Colman, who was once full of hope, would lie dead on the floor. Manhattan looks at Adrian, stating that he was wrong: Everything ends.

Manhattan transports them back to Joker's funhouse, where Rorschach attacks Adrian. Adrian smiles, telling Reggie that he still wears the mask of the man who "destroyed" his father. Reggie continues to beat Ozymandias, until Joker intervenes, prompting Reggie to beat Joker instead. Mime and Marionette decide to leave, celebrating Marionette's newfound pregnancy, along with the Comedian and Lantern Battery. Reggie rips off his own mask, declaring that "Rorschach is dead."

While Batman picks up Rorschach's mask, Black Adam and Creeper attack Israel, a letter is sent to Lois Lane, and Reggie aimlessly walks the streets of Gotham.

Doctor Manhattan returns to Mars, reflecting on a vision he had set one month in the future: Superman runs toward him as the world falls apart. Just as he throws his fist, Manhattan sees nothing. A year. A century. A millennium. Still nothing. As he walks the surface of the red planet, a picture of Jon Osterman and Janey Slater falls to the ground. Manhattan wonders; does Superman destroy him? Or does he destroy everything?

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  • The supplemental in information details Veidt's attempts to clone Bubatis.

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