Quote1.png I am the death of Doomsdays. I am the Doomslayer. Quote2.png
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The Doomslayer is a genetically-enhanced clone of Doomsday who sought to eradicate Doomsday and all life on Earth.

The Doomsday that would become the Doomslayer began his existence as a Doomsday clone created by Lex Luthor, who sought to create an army of Doomsday clones to keep Superman and his allies distracted while he sought the remaining Black Lantern energy that had been left after the Blackest Night.

This clone had been stored inside a mysterious interdimensional biomechanical lifeform that had been captured by Luthor and modified to suit his purposes. Each time a Doomsday clone defeated one of Superman's allies, it would bring him/her to the ship.

However, the Superman Family managed to escape imprisonment and tried to escape, only to fight an army of Doomsday clones. Supergirl punched the clone through a tunnel inside the ship, hurling the creature through a space-time portal. In this portal, minutes became days, and the clone was infused by the creature's knowledge, attaining sentience and a different physical shape. He also developed a large hatred towards Doomsday and everyone related to it in someway. Thus, the Doomslayer was born.[1]



  • Genius Level Intellect: Due to his mutation, not only Doomslayer attained sentience, he also gained an impressive intellect. He is capable of controlling the biomechanical creature Lex Luthor had captured and modified.



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