Dor'ion was a Tamaranean soldier and lover of Komand'r.

Dor'ion was the warrior that rescued Komand'r after her battle with her sister, Koriand'r during her first bid to take over Tamaran in which Komand'r was temporarily blinded.

Dor'ion was one of Komand'r's supporters who thought King Myand'r was creating a weaker Tamaran with his policies. He found her and helped her to realize that she was a strong leader and could be so again, even though she had allowed herself to become broken by her blindness.

Eventually they became lovers. In an effort to aid Komand'r to become a great leader again, Dor'ion tricked her into thinking he had been taken captive by Myand'r's forces, forcing her to use her deadly starbolts in killing a would-be attacker. That attacker turned out to be Dor'ion himself, who sacrificed his own life in order for her to be independent once more.


  • Tamaranean Physiology
    • Energy Absorption: Like all members of the Tamaranean race, Dor'ion can harness and channel ultraviolet radiation. The power of the sun is what gives a Tamaranean their strength and vitality, as well as other unique gifts.
    • Flight: By processing solar radiation from the star Vega, he can channel this energy to enable himself to fly.



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