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Dora Leigh is the British superhero Godiva and a member of the Justice League International. After the dissolution of the team, she joined Knights Inc.

The Signal Masters


Andre Briggs selects Godiva to join the U.N.-sponsored Justice League International. She accepts and begins a flirtatious relationship with Booster Gold, the appointed leader of the team. Their first mission is a race of giant robots called the Signal Men wreaking havoc across the planet.[1] The team are forced to retreat when Ice is injured by the machine.[2] They investigate the threat in teams, Godiva getting paired with August General in Iron.[3] The entire team is captured by the alien responsible, a world-destroyer named Peraxxus.[4] They finally learn to work together as a team, distracting Peraxxus in a brawl while Rocket Red reprograms his equipment. Peraxxus flees and they crash his spacecraft into Earth, declaring themselves victorious from the rubble.[5] In the following days Dora spends some time socializing with August General, but quickly becomes defensive when he asks about her pursuit of Booster Gold. She successfully uses her hair to defuse a bomb planted by Breakdown. Briggs finally announces the JLI at a public debut ceremony.[6]



Their public debut is attacked by a group of terrorists called the Burners led by Breakdown. Andre Briggs, Emerson Esposito and Rocket Red are killed in the explosion.[7] OMAC attacks the team, and they subdue then recruit him.[8] In Paris they help Jason Rusch take down a group of rogue Firestorms.[9] They track down the Burners, but the League is defeated by Intersek.[10] They are held captive, with Godiva's hair contained in a helmet created by Lightweaver. Breakdown attempts to stage a public execution, but OMAC breaks them out. Godiva is kissed by Booster Gold in the culmination of their flirtation.[11] At Rocket Red's funeral, they decide to continue the team without government funding in honor of his sacrifice.[12] The team try to regain U.N. approval, but they are disbanded when Brother Eye takes control of OMAC and largely devastates them. Godiva is later stated to have returned to England.[13]

Doomsday Clock

Godiva is a member of the UK-based team Knights Inc.[14] She is seen boarding an aircraft as the Knights are ordered to protect America's interests.[15]




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