Doris, who preferred to go by the name Rain Song, was the owner and proprietor of a bookstore in Metropolis called The Dancing Hobbit.[1] She also offered crystal-healing sessions from her own apartment in Suicide Slum, which was close to Jimmy Olsen's place.[2]

In elementary school, she met Rudy Jones. The boy was infatuated with her, asking her to be his girlfriend, but she thought he was a loser. They parted ways around third grade. Doris thought nothing of it, but Rudy considered it more than it actually was.[2]

She had some knowledge of occultism, and considered herself a useful ally for Superman against Karkull. He went with Doctor Fate instead.[1]

After Rudy was transformed into Parasite, he sought out Rain-Song in the hopes of wooing her. She was initially impressed with what he had achieved after draining Superman's powers, but rejected him. She reminded him of his fragile ego and incessant need to beat down Superman. She always thought he was a loser. Nonetheless, Rudy still cared for her, and allowed Superman to take her away before the SCU launched an all-out attack on him.[2]


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