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Quote1.png I isolated her, and in her terror she spawned imaginary creatures, but when she got older... the creatures became more dangerous. Even here. Left to her own devices, she could unleash a being so powerful, it would cleave the Earth in two. And all it would take... is for Dorothy to wish it so. Quote2.png
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Dorothy Spinner is the kind but powerful daughter of Niles Caulder, and a metahuman with the ability to bring imaginary beings from her mind into and out of creation. Originally sweet and naive, Dorothy grew more mature and focused as she battled her most powerful friend, the Candlemaker, and bonded with the test subjects in her father's experiments in immortality.

Early life

Dorothy was born to Niles Caulder and Slava, who died a few years later and bequeathed to their imaginary friend, Manny. Over time, Dorothy developed the power to create imaginary friends, but created a creature that could bring about the end of the world, Candlemaker.[1][2]

Dorothy makes a wish

Dorothy was in Yukon traveling on her own until she was captured by a circus so that she will free Manny for entertainment until Dorothy made a wish of Candlemaker to defend Manny from the emcee. Upon escaping, Dorothy met her father, Niles, who took her to Danny the Street.[3][2]

Living in Danny the Street

A paternal visit

In her time at Danny, Dorothy had a friendship with Danny, even though Danny believed that Dorothy was like his prisoner because of Niles. Dorothy regularly had visits from her father, and they saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dorothy spent many years keeping Candlemaker locked up in her mind to avoid making another wish. Every time Niles came to visit her, he always brought her things from his adventures.[4][5][6]

Finally free

In 2019, Dorothy received a visit from Mister Nobody, an old enemy of Niles, who came to make her turn against Caulder, but she was scared to see Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers, a cockroach and a rat, which made Dorothy turn the two plagues into giants. She and like the villains, were trapped in the Painting That Ate Paris. Dorothy stayed at the doll hospital until Jane, a woman with split personalities, and Niles arrived to save her. Coming out of Ezekiel's belly, Dorothy met her new family, but now the team was tiny in size.[7]

Growing up

"He's not dying"

While in miniature size, Dorothy tried to befriend Jane and Cliff Steele, a robot with anger issues, but neither accepted her friendship. Dorothy was traumatized by seeing a mother rat eat her babies, which caused her imaginary friends to start dating including Candlemaker, but Niles managed to calm her daughter. Soon after, Willoughby Kipling helped the team return them to normal size, but Niles sacrificed his immortality, causing Candlemaker to begin manipulating Dorothy. The next morning, Dorothy was upset that her father was dying. Dorothy and Rita Farr, a woman with elastic powers, became friends.[3][2]

Singing to revive Danny

When the whole team wasn't home, Dorothy, Herschel, Darling Come Home, and Danny the Brick started playing hide and seek, but accidentally broke Danny. The team and the Dannyzens threw a party so they could revive Danny back to being a street. Dorothy happily sang to bring her friend to life, but Niles ordered her to sleep now. Because of Candlemaker, Dorothy was going to murder Danny, but later regretted it. Dorothy felt that she should start doing teenage things.[8][4]

A new bond on the moon

Dorothy began a friendship with Baby Doll, one of Jane's personalities. They both had fun playing as they were girls, but Dorothy got upset that Baby Doll accidentally hurt Manny. Tired of playing, she tried to hide from Baby Doll. Dorothy was confronted by Baby Doll, who intended to kill her. After watching Manny die, Dorothy had no choice but to ask Candlemaker to kill Baby Doll. Realizing her mistake, Dorothy took a spaceship to escape and go to the moon, but was followed by Niles and Cliff. On the moon, Dorothy took rocks to make a grave for Manny until Cliff arrived. They both had a talk about their tragedies and started a bond. Dorothy decided to return to Earth with Cliff. While Niles was in Yukon to search for Slava, Dorothy fell asleep on the ship.[9][1][10]

Accepting fate

Dorothy went into a store to buy food for the trip with her father, but found that she was already beginning to mature. She and her father visited a fair to have a good day together, but Dorothy saw her mother, who tried to tell her that it was time to fight Candlemaker. It all got worse when he had an illusion of her being chased by Candlemaker. No matter what happened, Dorothy and Niles had a good day together, but everything got out of hand when Candlemaker was released by the spirit of Slava for Dorothy to accept her fate. He sent Herschel to the manor to ask the team for help, who came to the rescue, but were turned to wax. Seeing how Candlemaker defeated all her friends, Dorothy accepted her fate and created a weapon to face Candlemaker once and for all.[11][12]

The death of a loved one

Dorothy tried to confront her imaginary friend, but couldn't, as Dorothy saw goodness in him for saving Manny years ago at the circus. Successfully reforming Candlemaker, Dorothy and her friend returned to the real world to return the team to normal. Dorothy tried to confront her imaginary friend, but couldn't, as Dorothy saw goodness in him for saving Manny years ago at the circus. Successfully reforming Candlemaker, Dorothy and her friend returned to the real world to return the team and Willoughby Kipling to normal. Dorothy saw how the team was next to the body of Niles, who just passed away, something that made Dorothy cry.[6]

Moving forward

A week later, Dorothy began taking care of Jane and had her father's body on the table, as she did not want to bury it until Jane said goodbye. Dorothy spoke to Larry Trainor, a man with radioactive powers, who gave her advice not to get stuck in the past. Dorothy had planned to bury her father in Yukon in her mother's grave.

"We're going on a quite an adventure, Papa"

When Jane woke up, Dorothy realized that Daddy, an evil personality, was possessing Jane's body. Dorothy tried to confront Daddy, but was defeated, so she called on the team to come help. After Jane was back to normal, the team shared a hug. Later, Dorothy and Jane said their goodbyes before Dorothy left on Danny, who became an ambulance, to go to Yukon and give her father a dignified funeral.[6]

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  • Longevity: Dorothy ages much slower than an ordinary human, having remained a little girl for most of her life since the early 1900s.
  • Imaginary Friend Creation: Dorothy can spawn her imaginary friends. Though she can't always control when other people see them, they're only able to interact with the world with her nearby.


  • Power Instability: Dorothy can sometimes lose control of her imaginary friends, having them come into existence without her permission.


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