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Dorothy Spinner is a member of the Doom Patrol with the ability to bring imaginary beings from her mind into and out of creation.

She led an isolated childhood, where she was forced to develop a number of imaginary friends... which she discovered she could bring to life. Although an immensely powerful psychic, she is very emotionally vulnerable and spends a good deal of her time trying to suppress her bad feelings lest they manifest into monsters and hurt someone. Eventually, she is taken in by Niles Caulder.


  • Psychokinesis: She can externalize and objectify the contents of her sub-conscious, giving life to the thoughts and memories that run through her mind. As a young girl, this means that her imaginary friends become real. These beings can survive as long as Dorothy is alive but will often disappear when they realize what they are.[1]


  • Monstrous Appearance: Dorothy was born with ape-like facial features, making her prone to bullying throughout her life.
  • Power Instability: Dorothy can sometimes lose control of her imaginary friends, having them come into existence without her permission.[2]



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