Doug Moench (b. February 23, 1948) is a writer.

Personal History

Married to Debra with a son (Derek), Moench currently lives in Pennsylvania.

Professional History

Doug Moench is an American writter most notable for his two long runs writting Batman and Detective Comics. The first period was from 1983 to 1986; and his second run on the title was from 1992 to 1998. He contributed to build major storylines such as Knightfall, Contagion, Legacy & Cataclysm.

He is also credited for creating Black Mask and Bane along with Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan.

Work History


  • Doug Moench seemed to have a fascination for female radio host shows. In one of his early scripts (World's Finest #292); Moench created a female radio host show called Susan LaSalle, who was best known as "The Siren". Moench gave a similar nickname to another of his creations, Vesper Fairchild, calling her "Siren of the Night".[1]

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