Douglas Stewart was an American adventurer looking for the mysterious Monastery of the Blue God.

After the end of the First World War, in Paris, at a formal ball, U.S. Army Captain Douglas Stewart met a beautiful young Baroness named Elsa von Saxenberg. Elsa's date, Count Kraft von Bolander, was extremely displeased by this. Completely smitten with Elsa, Capt. Stewart resigned his commission in the U.S. Cavalry, in exchange for a position in Foreign Intelligence, and arranged to have himself stationed to China, all in order to gain access to Mongolia, where he intended to seek out a lost treasure that she had described to him. The intelligence chief also sent along Sergeant Miller with him, and Miller brought along Corporal Drenoff.

Stewart and Miss von Saxenberg and Miller and Drenoff then sailed to Asia, and undertook a much-interrupted journey across China via the Gobi Desert, then onward into Mongolia, seeking the legendary Monastery of the Blue God, somewhere near the ill-omened "Borston Well." The little band clashed with allies and agents of Count von Bolander at almost every step.

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  • Douglas Stewart starred in Monastery of the Blue God, which ran from New Adventure Comics #14 to #25. Stewart himself did not appear in the series' final installment.
  • During World War I, Captain Douglas Stewart served in a Cavalry unit of the U.S. Army. Stewart's rival, Lieutenant Count Kraft von Bolander, served in Prince Carl's Royal Regiment of Hussars, Swedish Army.



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