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Quote1.png The old clown understood life was chaos, and he embraced that, but too often he used it as a means to an end... to gain money, or notoriety, or power, or revenge on Batman, or whatever... I don't think he ever fully understood the bigger joke. No matter what you do or don't do in life... none of it matters. Live your life, you die. Be successful, have a legendary legacy, the sun burns out in a million years, the legacy dies. Find some way to shoot your legacy out of the Solar System, in a billion years the universe collapses. There's no such thing as immortality. No point to agendas. No reason to exist. So all you can do is lay back and let the chaos that is life wash over you, and know you're utterly meaningless. I mean, you have to laugh at the joke... 'cause it's been played on you. Quote2.png
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Doug Tan was the estranged brother of Dana Tan. An influential member of the Jokerz, he became known as the Joker King. A deranged nihilist, he was responsible for orchestrating Joker Night.

Doug Tan

Growing up, Doug Tan idolized The Joker. Scared, his parents tried to get him help, but he was too stubborn. At the age of twelve, he became an delinquent and joined the Jokerz, but found the group to be aimless.[2]

He was eventually arrested and sent to jail, but was later released and given medication to ground him.[3] Instead, Doug neglected his mental health and rejoined his former clan. He was able to convince Jokerz from other cities across the world to converge on Gotham City. Initially, he only brought in small groups at a time in order to study Batman.[4]

Debut as Joker King

Once he was able to organize the different sects, Doug rebranded himself the "Joker King."[5] After drugging his fellow clowns, he sent them to randomly commit suicide bombing across Gotham City.[6] As he watched the chaos, Doug realized it was almost over and decided it was time to enact his revenge upon his family.[7]

He broke into his father's hospital room, but they were saved by the timely intervention of Batman. With his specialized gun, he was able to knock out Batman and leave him groggy. He then took Batman to the in-construction wing of the hospital, with the intention of killing him.[2] Batman was able to free himself, but Doug found himself a new victim in the form of his sister, Dana. She was able to break free, only for him to pull her off a ledge. Luckily, Batman was able to catch Dana, while Doug got caught by some rope.[1] Doug ended up dying from his injuries. His family donated his organs, with his liver going to Bruce Wayne.[8]


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