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Gunsmith is a mercenary working with Deathstroke.

Douglas Worth worked for multiple military contractors and had worked in the Middle East six times. However, he was fired from all of them due to using numerous experimental weapons without permission. Two years before he was hired by Deathstroke for a job in Gotham City, he became a mercenary and eventually an assassin. Gunsmith made a name for himself due to his ability to build weapons with anything he could find.[1]

He was hired by Deathstroke as part of a team to fulfill Designer's plans by taking out Batman while also exacting revenge on the criminals who betrayed him years ago. Batman attacked Deathstroke and took the others down by misleading them into his traps. Gunsmith was later imprisoned at the Black Block alongside others before being broken out by Deathstroke. They were however all abducted by The Penguin before Deathstroke freed them again.[2]

Batman apprehended him again by destroying his gun, while being dragged by his motorcycle he had latched onto.[1]


  • Gunsmith was very patriotic and wore a flag design on his costume, and considered himself a true soldier.[3]



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