Quote1 Draaga, the real test of honor isn't how you die. It's how you live. Quote2
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A powerful warrior, Draaga was at some point enslaved by Mongul, the despotic ruler of Warworld, who used him as a gladiator in his arena. As Draaga defeated one opponent after another and his fame grew, he became bold enough to defy Mongul, pointing out that it was never Mongul's name they were cheering. It was after this that Mongul revealed his secret weapon; a laser cannon with the destructive power to reduce any planet to space rubble... including Draaga's. To protect his home and people, Draaga feigned loyalty to Mongul, keeping any hope of rebellion against the tyrant a dream.

Mongul decided to use Draaga to eliminate the latest threat to his power, a Kryptonian who had attempted to escape the slave pens. The match was a grueling one, with Draaga and his opponent trading blow after blow. Just when it seemed Draaga had once again triumphed, the Kryptonian hurled the rubble covering him aside, including Draaga, who had been standing on it. Adding insult to injury, the alien refused to allow Draaga the honor of a warrior's end. Coming back to consciousness after being smuggled off Warworld in a garbage scow, Draaga stewed in his anger and humiliation. Determined to regain his honor, Draaga bent a metal rod into a crude imitation of the symbol the Kryptonian had worn on his shirt and heated it until it was red hot before pressing it to his chest, ritually scarring his chest with the mark of his enemy.





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