Draaga was an alien gladiator.

In 2014, Draaga showed up at Metropolis and challenged Superman to a fight, but was defeated by Superman and Superboy and retreated from Earth. A year later, Draaga was abducted by Kylstar and held captive on his stronghold. When the Justice League members escaped, they decided to not release Draaga and anyone else allied with the League, including Major Force, Blockbuster, and Black Adam. After the League convinced Kylstar to treat his sentient weapons better, Kylstar released Draaga and the others and Orb-One tells them that Kylstar was a freedom fighter that was on a mission to stop slavers that destroyed his homeworld and then he offered to return his captives to their homeworlds if they're unwilling to help him, but promised to treat those who chose to help better and a glorious battle. Draaga enthusiastically chose to stay. After the others were teleported away, Kylstar told those that stayed that the slavers were too powerful and that the best way to defeat them was to conquer the universe first.




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