Dragos Ibanescu is a crimelord in Gotham City that operates in the Gotham City East End train tunnels. He runs illegal dog fights, human trafficking rings, prostitution and has committed numerous white collar crimes. He has fought Catwoman in the past and is an ally to Mr. Bone.

Dragos' niece, Jade McKillen was the sole heir of the McKillen crime family, and was adopted by Dragos, who was her closest relative not in prison. Jade herself was a friend of Catwoman and had previously been living in the sewers with Killer Croc. Seeing that she could be a danger, but also the heir to a crime family, Dragos makes a deal with Mr. Bone for some extra money that he needs to pay off his growing debts to other crime families. Mr. Bone then uses the child to lure and catch Catwoman.

Meanwhile, Killer Croc tracks down Jade and finds out that he is with Mr. Bone and that they both have Jade. As Mr. Bone is preparing to execute Catwoman, Croc attacks and frees her. Dragos attempts to shoot Croc, but misses and kills Jade by accident. Enraged, Croc kills Dragos and starts killing the other men. Only Mr. Bone and his bodyguard survive due to interference from Batman.[1]



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