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Wildfire is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


A Blast of Energy

Drake Burroughs was born some time in the late 30th century. He was orphaned as a child and grew up in an orphanage before being adopted.[1] As a young man he attended Metropolis University. One day, while studying at the University's research center, Drake was caught in a laboratory explosion that completely destroyed his body. For reasons unknown, his consciousness survived, and the atoms of his body reconstituted themselves as pure antimatter. A scientist named Professor Vultan created a specially designed suit to contain Drake's energy form. The suit enabled Drake the ability to function in a relatively normal existence, and it also provided him the ability to channel a wide variety of new energy-based powers through the suit. Calling himself ERG-1, Drake applied for membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Unfortunately, the Legion maintained a policy which forbade inclusion of members whose powers duplicated those of other members. ERG-1's power-set included abilities shared by others such as Superboy, Colossal Boy and Shrinking Violet. As such, his application for membership was rejected.[2] Soon afterwards he seemingly sacrificed himself to save the Legion from a robot on Manna-5 and the Legion assumed he was dead because his energy suit was empty. Wildfire eventually reconstituted himself and was admitted into the Legion after uncovering the secret of the Molecule Master.[3]

Most of Wildfire's powers are enabled and limited by the specific containment suit that he may be using at any given time. For unspecified reasons, his original suit (built by Professor Vultan) is noticeably superior to the later attempts by Brainiac 5, which vary slightly among them both in appearance and in capabilities[4] It seems that none of the later suits have the range of powers Wildfire had at first, such as size alteration, super senses and transmutation of chemical elements.[5][4]

Wildfire had a crush on Dawnstar which was reciprocated but due to his condition of being a sack of energy he could not consummate the relationship. He briefly experimented with a hard energy body that Quislet taught him how to create but Dawnstar was not receptive to the change because the heat from his touch of his "body" caused her pain. After Quislet left and was no longer able to give him guidance on maintaining this new form, he lost control completely and resumed using the containment suit.

Eventually, his consciousness found its way into the corpse of Sun Boy.


  • Unique Physiology: A being of pure anti-matter energy, Wildfire possessed a variety of superhuman abilities. Wildfire no longer has a physical body, however his essence must be contained within a specially designed suit.
    • Superhuman Strength: Wildfire possessed a strength level many times greater than that of the average human.
    • Energy Projection: Wildfire could produce concentrated blasts of pure energy for offensive attack.[6]
    • Energy Absorption: As such, he could also absorb large amounts of energy, without any undue stress to his form.
    • Flight: Wildfire could travel at faster than light speeds without the aid of external applications.
    • Invulnerability: Although Wildfire's containment suit can be destroyed, his energy body is virtually invulnerable and can only be dispersed under the most extreme of conditions.
    • X-Ray Vision: Like his teammate, Superboy, Wildfire possessed the ability to see through varying layers of solid objects. (Formerly)[2][5]
    • Enhanced Hearing (Formerly)[2][5]
    • Energy Construct Creation: Another application of Wildfire's energy projection, was the ability to generate simple hard-light constructs. The properties of this ability are similar to that produced by a Green Lantern Ring, but Wildfire can only create simple geometric constructs. [citation needed]
    • Size Alteration: Wildfire could expand his mass and volume several times greater than normal, allowing him to achieve heights similar to that of Colossal Boy. In contrast, he could compact the density of his molecular structure to assume a miniaturized form, similar to that of teammate Shrinking Violet. [citation needed]



  • No Physical Body: Drake can't keep his body solid without the use of a containment suit.


  • Containment Suit



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